Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a Few Thoughts

  • The picture below is of The Boy and The Girl watching Yo Gabba Gabba together. They both love it and it was about the only peaceful moment I got yesterday. The Girl has been fussy, irritable, cranky, running a fever, pooping A LOT, and sleeping very little. It was a bright spot in a long day.
  • Sunday night The Boy had his first sleepover at my inlaws' house and loved it! Monday morning his Aunt H brought him home and she and I got to visit. It was nice.
  • Thank goodness for Tylenol.
  • The Girl is now in love with Orange Pedialyte - well, the Target knock off - and she can drink it very well from her Breastflow bottle.
  • The Boy finished up swimming lessons today. He was one skill shy of moving from Seahorse to Seal - taking a breath while swimming freestyle. He wanted to do the big blue slide, freaked out, came down. I gave him a pep talk. He went back up, freaked out again, his teacher pried his fingers from the slide (at the prompting of the other instructor at the bottom of the slide) and gave him a push. AWESOME! Even better, I got it all on tape.
  • When I asked The Boy what he wanted to do today he said, "I want to go to Grandma's house where E lives." So we did. And it was wonderful.
  • Almost daily The Boy asks me, "When can we play with Joshua that has Lukey? Oh! When he gets back from Hannah Montana!" (I told him that he's in Montana visiting his Grandma and he's turned it into Hannah Montana)
  • The Girl's smiles were back today and so were mine.
  • Finally hit the 3 mile mark twice this week. Sweet.


Mandy said...

Hooray for that 3 miles mark!! I am amazed every week when I hit another milestone. Isn't the human body amazing? I'm so excited for the 5K. Promise me you'll bring your point and shoot so we can take pictures all along the way. :)

Crystal said...

The picture below. ANYWAY, I need to kiss the girl and tackle the boy and his tanness. Come visit me tomorrow, do you need my address?

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