Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I've got a few random thoughts and some pictures :)

  • We went to park day late on Friday because The Girl took a much needed 3 hour nap. So by the time we got there everyone was gone. We picnicked and had our own play date. It was awesome. Afterward we hit up Yogurtland and the Korean market.
  • It was my first trip to the Korean Market. I wanted Mochi Ice Cream Bon Bons (HEAVEN!) and was advised by my sister to also get melon bars (also HEAVEN!). I highly recommend both of them.
  • Friday night we went for a family swim. It was awesome (there is that word again)! The Boy swam from one side of the pool to the other without help and no floaties. Woot!
  • Friday night at 10:45pm I got a call from my SIL. I answered, worried that something was wrong. Nope. It was all too right! LOL Our friend from the Wtown ward got us tickets to the Quiksilver warehouse sale. AWESOME!
  • Saturday I braved the crowds and the elbows and picked up quite a few deals on clothes for the whole family.
  • Saturday night I had the BEST GNO EVAH! We did a beach party at a private beach with just the ladies (and The Girl) and I had a blast. My friend Tami (who rocks) who has a 10 month of her own at home, but offered to tend The Girl for me so I could get in the water. So much fun. Then we sat around the campfire telling "how we met our husband" stories. Loved it. You should try it sometime.
  • Today I was sitting on the pew before Sacrament meeting and the 1st Counselor in the Bishopric motions that he wants to talk to me. So I follow him into the foyer where he asks me to be the secretary for the YW. I'm thrilled and say YES! Then, when it's announced during Sacrament meeting they call someone else as the secretary and me as the Laurel Advisor:) The 1st counselor turns around (cuz I sit on the stand to lead the musisc) and says - That's okay? Yep. Awesome. I'm so excited! Love me some Laurels. (how very TAMN of me, but it's true!)
  • My proudest moment this week - and probably thus far in life - The Boy gave his first talk in Primary today about Daniel and the lions den. He didn't freeze up. He told the story and used the microphone correctly. I was thrilled!

Now, onto the pictures!

The last day of swimming lessons!

Waiting for his turn on the slide - or as I call it - BIG BLUE!
The Girl is enjoying swimming lessons too:)Having fun at our own private park day.
My 4thwardgirl peeps - plus some awesome new friends!

The Girl and I sitting at the bonfire.My big boy who gave his first talk in Primary today!


T-Fam said...

Way to go boy! I bet he did an amazing job! :)

BubbaandM said...

How fun for the Boy to give a talk in Primary. I can just see it! Love the last photo with the girls eyes! I had a great time Saturday too at the Quicksilver sale. Good times!

Tami said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful baby with me--she is an angel! That was such a fun night!

Jaime said...

Okay, Quicksilver sale, hello? Was not invited. And don't you love the gospel art kit for talks, FHE, whatever? So excited I just saw that it's coming out in a spiral bound book!!! I want to buy one for everybody!

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