Sunday, July 05, 2009

Phew! Where to begin???

I feel like it's been ages since I last updated this thing. So, where to begin? I decided I'll give a little run down for each day complete with pictures.

On Father's Day we went to my inlaws' house for dinner. I made these cute little
cupcake/brownie hamburgers complete with sugar cookie fries. Love 'em!
That night we left at 3am for a trip to Utah. We left Will at home and drove and drove. The kids were so good and slept all the way to Las Vegas. I freaked out in Las Vegas because we stopped to get gas and have breakfast, but then the on ramp to get back on going South was closed. They were kind enough to tell me to use a different road, but they failed to tell me how to get there! LOL So I got on going North and figured I'd get off at the next ramp and get back on going South. Welp, they had the next 3 exits closed, so I ended up back at Charleston and the Strip. Bleh. So much for saving time. I was pretty frustrated and The Boy wanted to know why I was yelling so much. Ha!

We made great time and got the Utah early that evening. We were so excited to see my brother, his wife and 2 little girls. The Boy loved having his cousins Banana and Em to play with.

One of the first things we did in Utah was swim in Grandma and Grandpa's pool. It was pretty freezing, so of course, The Boy loved it.

The Boy also got to go to a bonfire with his uncle, aunt and grandparents. I stayed home with the babies so they could go to bed at a decent hour. My mom said we had the kids so freaked out about the danger of fire that they wouldn't even go near it so they could get their picture taken. LOL

When they got back from the bonfire they slept outside in Grandpa's camper. I thought it was pretty cool. Thanks to Uncle Running Man for braving a night alone with 2 crazy preschoolers.

On Thursday we went up to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It was a gorgeous!
Here are the kids waiting for the "movie" to start.

After the Temple we went to PF Chang's for lunch. I don't think I've been there in years! Probably since I lived in Provo, so it was fun to go and relive the old days. We have so many favorite small chain places in California that we love that we never get to the big chains anymore. After lunch we parted ways with my brother and ran a couple of errands. We went to The Quilted Bear and I found The Girl just what she neede - a couple new hairbows! I've been reading the Nie Nie Dialogues (see sidebar) and she raves about the cupcakes at The Sweet Tooth Fairy. Lucky for us it's right next door to The Quilted Bear, so we just had to try it it. I agree with Nie - VaNIElla Squared rocks! As do the other flavors we got - Strawberry Shortcake, Dulce de Leche, Toasted Coconut, Red Velvet, Double Chocolate and Black and White. Awesome!On Friday I got my hair cut and then we went to Manti for the pagent. We stayed at a motel there and so after the show it was so nice to just walk back and go to bed - no fighting the traffic out of town. The Boy loved the show and talked non-stop to me about what was going on. He freaked out a little when they sacrificed the virgin to the volcano. He was very concerned about her.

Saturday we got up semi-early and headed back to my parents' house. When we got there my other 2 brothers and their wives were there and we all changed and headed to the wave pool. I love that place and wish we had one around where we live.

The Boy loves having my brothers around because they get Cherry Dog out. I like the dog, but she's a little too wild for me.

Look at these darling pictures my sister-in-law took of the The Girl.

On Monday it was HOT! and I still had a sunburn from Saturday at the wave pool, so we opted for bowling. The kids had a blast and it was fun watching them.

That night I packed it up and took a break and went to Transformers with my dad. When I got home I put the kids to bed, rested for a few hours and then started the long drive home. The kids were awesome and we made record time - 11.5 hours. Rock on! It got a little dicey right after Mesquite when The Boy said he had to go potty. I told him he was fine. He told me he wasn't. I assumed he had a diaper on, but he didn't! My mom watched the kids while I went to the movie and I assumed she had put a diaper on him. She didn't and so he had wet himself while he was sleeping and then didn't want to do it again. So I got him out on the side of the road and changed him. Poor kid!

We rested one day after our long trip back and then we went to Disneyland with my little sister - who we brought back with us. I was so proud of The Boy! He went on Splash Mountain, Grizzly Run, Tower of Terror and Big Thunder. He was so awesome. My inlaws were nice enough to watch The Girl during the day so we could do the big rides. We came home in the early evening and then we went back afer The Girl went to bed.

Friday we went to the Lagoon and took it easy. However we were up bright and early on the Fourth of July for all the festivities. We walked in the Woodbridge Bike Parade. The Girl and my little sister wore matching hairbows. They were pretty cute!

That night we went to the Stake party and had yummy food, good music and great company. We invited the inlaws to join us and had a grand time. Then we went over to the park to watch the Woodbridge fireworks. They were lots of fun and none of the kids cried. Bonus!

So now we're home and setting in for another fun week with my little sister here. I can't promise I'll blog again this week, but at least we're caught up just a little bit!


Mandy said...

What in the world Manti pageant did you see? I don't remember this alleged virgin in the volcano scene!!

Looks like such a fun time. I think I need to make a trip to the SweetToothFairy for some VaNIElla cupcakes. Have a fun week with your sister! She totally looks like your other sister. :)

dancin' momma said...

We had so much fun with you guys, and miss you tons!! Banana can't stop asking me why The Boy went back to his home instead of staying with her :( Their bows look super cute btw.

Jaime said...

What? You went all the way to Utah and there are no pics of your hot papa? You're fired.

T-Fam said...

Hey those pictures look familiar! Ha Ha. Your kids are so cute. I wish we could have been there to go to Disney land!

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