Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!!

***This is a repost of last year, with some extras added in. I'm leaving for Utah tomorrow and I'm in a TIZZY***

I just want to give a shout out to the fabulous fathers in our lives. We (The Boy & I) are so blessed to have awesome men as examples. My dad rocks and I was lucky to grow up with a man that honored his priesthood, worked hard, and taught me to work and live the gospel. He also brought me up with traditions that I cherish to this day - trips to Enterprise to cut down our Christmas tree, Disneyland, GOBS, date night (which usually involved perusing the electronics at Sam's Club), nachos for Conference, egg hunts at the Easter Egg park, lights at Christmas, and many more. He also loved and honored my mom and that means a lot.

I went with some Old School pics of my dad, because I think they are awesome.
This is my dad in high school. (He's the one kissing the monster)

Will's dad was the same way - because Will is that way. Being able to live so close to Will's dad was such a blessing in our lives. We love his quirky sense of humor and that he knows about everything and anything you could ever wonder about. It's so awesome.

Then, Will, we love him! He rocks and he is The Boy's buddy, The Girl's hero and my best friend. I have been so impressed with Will over the past months after The Girl was born. He is so willing to step in and save my sanity and has made being the mother of two so much more managable. It melts my heart how much he adores The Girl and sings to her and holds her and takes care of her. I know there are some men out there that just aren't comfortable with babies or wait until the kids are older to get hands on. Will is always right in there from Day 1 (he was with The Boy too, but I've just been reminded lately how awesome he is.)

I appreciate the long hours and hard work he puts in everyday. I try not to complain because (1) I'm just glad that he has a job in the economy and (2) I'm so proud of how well he provides and takes care of us. I think this is the most I've ever posted about him. I know it embarrasses him when I write to the public about him, but I think on Father's Day it's ok. I love him so much and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that Will looked past my high maintenance behavior and married me for time and for all eternity. That really rocks my socks.

Funny story - Back when we were dating and at BYU I was working as a BYU Operator and we had a bowling party planned. There was this really crazy guy that was a lot of fun to work with (who ended up being one of those crazy people that tried selling his temple recommend online and inane stuff like that) was really interested in meeting Will and seeing who it was that I was dating. He "fell in love" with Will. Chris was a Lakers fan -so is Will. Chris loved joking around and Will has an excellent sense of humor and a fantastic laugh. Christ truly was in love with Will. The next day at work he said to me, in so many words, that he didn't expect me to be dating such an awesome guy as Will because I was such a high maintenence girl. LOL He pictured a stick up the you-know-what, perfect hair, prissy (are guys prissy?) guy. I'm so glad I give people that impression! LOL However, it's true. I hit the jackpot.

I love you, Will. To the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever.


Crystal said...

I've always thought Will had perfect hair...cute post :) Have fun with our Dad in Utah!!

Crystal said...

PS you should post some of your Utah pics so that I can be jealous.

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