Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day and More

I can't believe Easter has already come and gone! Where is the year going? Srsly. We went out with a bang this weekend to close out our "Spring Break". On Friday afternoon The Boy and Will got invited by our friends to go and watch the Clippers game. So, The Boys had a daddy/son night and The Girl and I and GNI. Will said that The Boy and his friend did pretty well, but on the way there they had this argument-

The Boy: J, we're going to the basketball game!

J: No, we're going to the Clippers game.

TB: No, it's a basketball game!

J: It's a Clippers game!

And they shouted that back and forth a few times and it got more and more heated before the daddies stepped in and tried to assure them that they were going to the CLIPPERS BASKETBALL game:)

I asked Will to get some picture of the boys at the game, but by the time he got my text they had to keep them separated because they were harassing one another. However, he did get these cute ones.
The Girl and I watched Twilight and made bows. I decided that The Girl needs to find herself an Edward and then I can throw a Twilight Themed reception. Rock on! We also ran to Costco for some necessities and a chicken bake. It was a chilly night, so I put her cute little hat on to keep her warm. She got lots of compliments on how cute she looked, so we had a mini photo shoot when we got home.

On Saturday morning I went to the City of Tustin's Easter celebration. Will is the Physical Facilities rep for our ward and we have building cleaning this month, so he had to go and do that and missed all the fun. It started with an egg/candy hunt at 9am. We got there at 8:10 and I fed The Girl in the car and we staked out our place at 8:30. It was wild and he got a handful of candy. He's so funny because he'll walk right over stuff to get to what he really wants. However, but the time he gets there, it's all gone! LOL So, I trapped some under my stroller and had him pick it up.

Waiting semi-patiently for the hunt to start.
Go for it!
Then, there were lots of free and very awesome activities. However, the lines got long FAST! Luckily we ran over and got in line for the ponies. He really want to do this giant slide that you slid down on a mat, but I had The Girl with me and with no Will to help divide and conquer, I decided against it. The Boy said he wanted to do it by himself, but after I saw the line, I decided we would try for next year.

The Easter Bunny did finally arrive and so we waited in another line to get our picture taken with him for free. Srsly, what's with the mall wanting like $40 for a picture with their creepy bunny?
That night The Girl got to wear her darling new jammies. I'm in love with them! They have bunny slipper feet!
And a cotton tail booty!
This morning The Boy hunted for his hidden Easter basket. He found it in The Girl's room.

He helped The Girl go through her stuff and pose for a picture.
After church we were able to snap some cute pictures in their matchy-matchy Easter clothes. So fun!
This is the face I got when I asked him to just look nornmal and stop cheesing.This was the best picture I got of him by himself ::sigh::

Two Funny stories really quick!

Story #1

Me: Please go downstairs and get ready for daddy to put your shoes on. You can't wear your cool shoes (crocs), you have to wear your tennis shoes because it's chilly outside.

TB: Ok, mom. (trots downstairs)

(A few seconds later)

TB: I got my shoes on.

Me: I said you can't wear your cool shoes, what shoes do you have on?

TB: Your mom's!

Will I burst into hysterical laughter. It was hilarious.

Story #2
Last night I was doing bedtime stories with The Boy and we were talking about why Easter was important to us. I explained that bad people didn't like Jesus and they killed him. And he immediately goes off on his own tangent and says, "Then, Heavenly Father made the animals kill the bad people because they killed Jesus. Animals kill people in Nowhere Land." What the? What show is he watching. Freaky. Note to self: Don't visit Nowhere Land.

I quickly explained that Heavenly Father didn't do that, but I could tell he didn't believe me.


Mama said...

you're pictures are better than mine!! a lot better. My kid just can't hold still at all!!

Jaime said...

So cute matching outfits! I love the aqua it's my new favorite color. And that picture of them both smiling with their Easter outfits makes them look like twins separated at birth. So much alike! Your mom. Hahahahaha

Mandy said...

Love her jammies and the matching outfits are CUUUUUUUUUTE!

Syd said...

okay, when i see the boy's smile, i just have to laugh...and then i laughed out loud on the one where you told him to just smile normal. your kids are adorable!

Larissa and Mike said...

Love It..
and I get to see you in less then a month :D

Crystal said...

Your kids are so so so cute! I love their outfits! The Girl is so cute I just want to snuggle up to those cheeks! Her jams were toooo cute! Can't wait to see you guys, and thanks for the Edward pic ;) Also a little boy in primary said that Jesus hops into our houses and brings us easter eggs...I think they are all pretty confused :)

Crystal said...

ALSO, that hat is adorable (I said adorable, because I think I said 'cute' like 15 times in my last comment :)

Hey Maughan said...

I LOVE their matchy matchy outfits!!!

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