Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bunny Hop

That's what we've been doing this week:) It's been a fun and busy "spring break" week for us. I say "spring break" because Baby T's mom has the week off from school and so she is gone this week, so it was kind of like our spring break too. Here's the run down.

We went and picked up the stuff for a market research thingy I'm participating in. Fun stuff. I'm not supposed to discuss it with anyone and I don't know what that means, so I won't tell you what it is until it's all over. That sounds more mysterious than it needs to be. LOL Then we dropped off a donation to the milk bank. The Boy was very concerned that I was giving all of the milk I "humped" for The Girl away, but I assured him there was more where that came from. We played on the frogs that are in the shopping center there and had a hawaiian shaved ice at Sticky Fingers. Yum-o!

You already heard about our experience at Pump it Up and the $1 movie.

We had an egg hunt with friends at the park in the afternoon. It was a lot of fun and captured these photos.

Will had the day off and so after his dentist's appointment we headed to Irvine Regional Park. Well, the Tusting Unified School District had spring break and they have their Easter stuff going on, so it was a little crowded, but it was still fun. Aunt H had given us tickets to ride the train, the pony and visit the OC Zoo for Christmas and we finally got to go and use them. The Boy loved riding the pony!

We had an Easter egg hunt with the ladies from the ward. It was a lot of fun and it was so awesome of our friend Z to organize it. She's such a cutie! Will had the day off again, but he had some work from home to get done that wasn't going as planned - the program kept freezing on him - so after the hunt we went to park day. There weren't many people there, but the weather was kind of chilly and it looked like rain, so it's understandable.

I wore my cute new shoes to park day on Friday and I just had to take a picture of them!
Then, when my friend K showed up we noticed we had the same awesome shoes!


Mandy said...

Those shoes are so unique - I can't believe someone else had a pair, too!!! Where did you get them?

Kirbell said...

I heart those shoes! I love how our feet look itty-bitty in this picture. LOL

Melanie said...

Love the purple shoes!!

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