Monday, March 30, 2009

Disney Adventures

My parents and little sister got to come into town for The Girl's blessing and while they were here we went to Disneyland. Woot! The extra special thing about this visit to Disneyland was that Will was able to use some connections and get us into Club 33! It was SO awesome! The food was amazing, the service was spectacular, and it was cool to be buzzed into the super exclusive restaurant next to the Blue Bayou while the people milling around wondered where we disappeared to.
The Boy went early with Grandpa and Aunt K to run around and catch all the rides that get full quickly. He got to ride Nemo and Jungle Cruise - two of his favorites. My mom, The Girl and I got there around 11am and I fed The Girl (story of my life) and then we headed over to Club 33. My little sister pushed the button and the lady said, "The name of your party?" And she looks frantically at me and says, "What's the name of our party?" LOL So once we got that all straightened out we were let in and went inside.

It was gorgeous inside and my mom, The Boy & my sister took the elevator and my dad & I took the stairs. Once we were up there, they took us to our table and the place settings were gorgeous. I ordered the lobster & avacado sandwich and my parents had the chateaubriand. My sister had Mickey shaped pasta and The Boy had chicken fingers & french fries. However, before your entree is served, you can eat at the cold buffet. It has various salads, veggies, fruits, SEAFOOD and cheeses. I ate my weight in shrimp, crab claws and lobster tails. YUM! I tried some sea bass and it was tasty, but I didn't love the smoked salmon. After the meal (or anytime really) you can eat at the dessert bar and everything was tasty. I especially loved the coconut macaroons.

The Boy did surprisingly well. I was so worried he was going to throw a fit or break something, But he sat nicely and played with my sister and ate his food. The Girl was an angel. I laid a blanket on the floor and she just chilled during the entire meal.

This was our place setting.

My mom's chateaubriand. It melted like butter in your mouth.
Mickey head pasta
The gorgeous glass elevator
The address of the super-exclusive Club 33
After lunch we headed over to California Adventure. I REALLY wanted The Boy to ride Grizzly Run, but he was like 1/8" too short and they wouldn't let him. So, I went on it with my dad and little sister. I looked like a freak because I wore my shower cap to protect my hair. LOL However, I still had great hair by the end of the day;0) We saw Lightning McQueen and Mater on the way to Grizzly Run. The Boy was in awe and kept waving to them.

We also got to go on Toy Story Mania for the first time. The last time we went it had just opened and the line was in insane. This time it was only 45 minutes;) So my dad waited in line with my sister and the rest of us just hung out in the shade until they got to the front. It was such a fun ride!

That evening I made The Boy go on Splash Mountain with me. He really didn't want to, but he did so well and was so brave. I promised him a treat after the ride and so we headed straight to Pooh's Corner. He chose a sucker and a cookie - on Grandpa:)

I wanted to get The Girl her first mickey mouse ears like The Boy's but they don't make them anymore. So, we got these cute pink ones instead.

One funny story I keep forgetting to share. The other day I hear The Boy shouting from his room and I stop because I didn't think I heard him correctly. Oh, but I did. He was shouting, "Watch out for hoes! Watch out for hoes!" I go into his room and he his standing on the bunk bed ladder dropping things and instead of saying "Watch out below!" He was shouting for us to watch out for hoes. Good advice!

Also, another AWESOME thing that happened to me this month was that I got invited to be a Dani's Girl!!!! Dani Mogstad is a big name digital designer at The Sweet Shoppe - one of the digi boards/shops that I belong too and I'm probably most active at. When I got back from my awesome birthday (pictures of that are still to come) I opened my email and I found an email from Dani Mogstad inviting me to be on her team. For the non-digi that means that I use her products in my layouts and post them to different galleries for exposure. In return, I get her products for free. It's a very coveted spot and I felt so honored to be asked. So, of course I said YES!!!! and now I'm a Dani's Girl. Here are some of the layouts I've done with her products.


Deb said...

Tim and I were able to enjoy Club 33 15 years ago because the company he worked for at the time, was a member of Club 33. It was a wonderful experience and we loved every minute of it.

Mandy said...

Girl, I am DYING that you wore a shower cap on the ride. Where's the pic?!?!?!? How funny!!!! :)

Pop Goes the World is so cute. Congrats on being a Dani's Girl. ;)

Cindy said...

I just saw Twilight and loved it!! I could not really get into the book, but after seeing the movie...I think I might read the book!!

Happy Birthday!!

Crystal said...

You should yell that to the boy as you drop him off for school when he is older.

Jaime said...

Yay! I made it in your scrapbook! And thanks for posting pictures of that gorgeous father of yours so I can get my fix. Hahahaha

Jaime said...

OK, I'm so excited right now because I just saw the part about the shower cap and that's totally my secret reason I never go on water rides cause I don't want my hair to get messed up but it sounds dumb and vain and so I just tell people I'll watch the kids so they can go on it but now I'm bringing a shower cap and having fun! Why didn't I think of that? Genius! I love you!!!

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