Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who's behind???

I am! I am! I realized today that it has been a full week since I blogged. My mom got here last Thursday night and since then we've been having too much fun to blog:) I haven't even scrapped in like two weeks. Sick, huh? Well, that's not true, I made something for my SIL and I finished up The Girl's birth announcement, but I haven't done any layouts since before Christmas. ::sigh:: So is the life of the mother of two.

However, we've been having tons of fun with Grandma over the past week, so let me get you caught up! We'll start with today. We went back to Corona Beach today and the weather was gorgeous. My mom and The Boy played in the water - even though it was cold - and I sat in the shade of a giant cliff with The Girl in my pouch sling. After the beach we stopped at Sprinkles - YUM! The Boy had a chocolate marshmallow cupcake and my mom and I had coconut cupcakes. So tasty!


My cupcake:)
Yesterday I decided that I needed to get The Girl's birth announcements all finished up. I scrapped it about a month a go and all I really needed to do was take the pictures. So, I got the bright idea to do it last night. Well, that just happened to be her fussiest night ever!!!!!! I was getting so frustrated. So, my mom sent me out to Target to get some mylicon drops and for a little break. I was seriously stressing myself out, when there was no need to be stressed out! LOL When I got home, I said to her, "Why do I let dumb things get me all stressed out?" Well, I got the perfect shots and I'll share one of them with you. How sweet is she???

Ok, now on to what we've been doing since Grandma got here. On Sunday we went down to Corona Beach to walk and enjoy the 80 degree weather. Will kept The Girl home and we just ventured out as a threesome. It was a gorgeous day! After playing in the freezing water with Grandma for about an hour, The Boy says, "I have to go potty!" So, we run over behind the dumpster to go potty only to find that he's already gone:) I think the cold water got to him. He said, "I'm very sorry, mommy. I won't do it again." Luckily I had a spare set of clothes in the trunk.

On Monday we to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Such a fun place! The Girl was as good as gold and we even took a 2 1/2 hour whale/dolphin/seal watching cruise and both of the kids were so great. It was a lot of fun and - again - the weather was gorgeous!

This is what The Girl did the entire time.

Spotting a whale!
I'm the king of the world!

On Tuesday The Boy had a birthday party. It was so much fun! It was at this place that had giant blow up bounce house and slide things. He was nervous at first to do any of the slides, but once his bestest friend got there and went with him, he was all over the place.

The Girl had her 2 week appointment yesterday and she is 8lbs 10oz, so she's definitely made it back to birth weight. I must be doing something right with this BFing thing. I think she is sensitive to pineapple and tomatoes because those are the only new things I ate in the 24 hours prior to her upset tummy yesterday. Today she has been as good as gold again - knock on wood - so I'll just keep away from those until she gets bigger. Yesterday afternoon we went to the quilt store and The Boy had a blast. Funny place to have a good time, huh? They had this whole toy area set up and there was another little boy there and they got along wonderfully and just played while Grandma and I looked for great fabric.

Tomorrow we have no big plans, but maybe another trip to the mall. I can't believe we are flying to Utah next week. The time is going too fast. I'm sad to leave Will behind, but excited to see my dad, little sister, brothers, SIL, STBSIL(figure that one out), grandparents and aunt. Fun times!


Larissa and Mike said...

STBSIL Thats is ME!!!! ha ha i'm so excited to see you guys :D hopefully we can chill (stupid homework and work and School and ... who knows what else will happen)

Laura said...

I'm glad to see that you are out and about. YOU are so lucky to have a sleeper on your hands.

The Titmi said...

I have been trying to figure out how soon I will be able to do how much and you are making it look too easy!

jamie said...

It's always so much fun when Grandma is in town!!!

Davis Family said...

soon to be sister in law? nothing ever stresses me out more than crying kids. how the heck do you get over that?!

Mama said...

you're such a super woman!! can't wait to see you when you get back from your trip. we need to have a gae night again too!

marissa said...

The Girl is too sweet!!! I just love her! I'm glad your mom was there to have fun with and help!

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