Friday, January 23, 2009

Booty Freezin' Cold

We have lots of family sayings from my days growing up that probably sound strange to outsiders, but are perfectly normal for us. At Thanksgiving I shared with you "Thank-you-givings Day" and I'm sure I've used several others in passing. When we lived in Iowa, one that evolved was "booty freezin' cold" - because that is honestly the only way to describe the bone chilling weather they have there in the winter. When we got to Utah and I stepped out of the airport and into parking garage and the icy wind hit my face, that was the phrase that popped into my mind. However, I loved it! I love the cold. I'm a weirdo. My friend Mandy is running screaming from Utah's winters and straight into the warm arms of AZ and I'm always clambering to get back here. Don't get me wrong, I love being a California girl and hanging out at the beach in the middle of January, however, I also love a good snow and a biting cold wind. I guess you can't have it both ways, huh?

We made it safely to Utah without too many problems. The Boy was really good and I was REALLY glad to have my mom with me. I'm hoping the flight home goes as smoothly. Our flight home is at night and that will probably complicate things a little bit more because that is when The Girl is fussy and The Boy is ornery from a long day, but we'll manage. I am crossing my fingers that the flight isn't full so that no poor soul has to share our row with us. The flight to Utah wasn't full, so we can always dream.

Before we flew out here my SIL came over for one last visit and I snapped this adorable picture of her and The Girl. Sweet, huh?
Oh! And a darling story that I keep meaning to write down and keep forgetting! One of the last nights before we left for Utah we were all ready to say family prayer. The Boy usually says the prayer, but he was being a pill and if he's being silly then he doesn't get to say the prayer. So, I took over and said a very nice prayer and blessed everyone in the room - or so I thought. As soon as I said "Amen" The Boy piped up with, "You have to bless me too, Mama." Ouch. I had blessed The Girl, Will, my mom, family members that weren't with us, but I had failed to mention The Boy. It made my heart cry and I could tell that he was honestly disappointed that I had forgotten him in my prayer. What a sweetheart and what a terrible mommy!

I started Project 365 this year and I've been doing pretty well. Some of the photos have been snapped with my camera phone, but hey, it's a photo, right? Before we left I experimented with a recipe to make a peanut butter chocolate cupcake like the one at Sprinkles. They weren't exactly the same, but they were pretty dang good. So my photo for that day was of my lovely little cupcakes.As soon as we got to Utah and The Boy saw the snow he talked incessantly about going outside to make a snow angel. We told him he would have to wait until the next day because it was dark and cold by the time we got to my parents' house that evening. So, what does he ask the minute he wakes up the next day? LOL He patiently waited until his Aunt got home from school that day only to have his mother passed out with his baby sister in the room with his clothes, so he waited for me to wake up. Finally, he got to put on his snow clothes and play in the old crunchy snow that is left from the storm at Christmas. He thought it was fabulous. What was even more fun was when "The Cowboy" came and took him and his Aunt over to his farm to see his horses. Cool, huh? I can only deduct that he took to calling my parents' neighbor The Cowboy because he wore a cowboy hat and had horses. After all the fun he came running in exclaiming that he wanted hot chocolate. So, I made him some lukewarm chocolate with marshmallows. He ate the marshmallows off the top and left the drink for me. I'm sure if you have girls you are already well acquainted with these little guys. However, they are new to me and I am in love. I think I need to start a collection of my own!
My little bro and his cutie fiance played with The Girl this morning and I appreciated the break. I got to puy my makeup on this morning - however, I'm still in my cute new PJs.Isn't she a sweetie?
I guess this is The Boy's version of the pouty lip supermodel look.
P.S. Now that I have some cute nursing pj's, if you're a nursing mommy (or have been or will be), can you point me in the direction of your favorite nursing tops? I didn't have any with The Boy, but I'm interested in having a couple for wearing out of the house and nursing in public with a 3-year-old in tow:) Oh, and I'd appreciate it if they didn't cost $70! Seriously, they cut a hole in the nipple of the shirt and they want to charge $50 too much! LOL


Syd said...

Kyla-If you're still in Utah when you read this, call me! I've got to see her...and you, of course!

Tyler said...

I'm doing 365 too! Did you get the Creating Keepsakes kit or are you doing it on your own?

Katherine :)

Crystal said...

I have been using button up shirts with Franky...that was so nice on the plane - the snap ones are the best. I have found "nursing" tops to just be bunchy and annoying and useless. However it is difficult to find button ups that will fit over giant nursing, good luck. Also, the girl is adorable! I can't wait to meet her!

Mama said...

i know how you can make your own nursing tops and it's super easy. i read about it online... you take a shirt out of your closet and you put it on inside out and mark it with a pen where your nipples are. then you take the shirt off and get a pair of scissors and cut big holes where your nipples are. then you take off your bra and just wear the modified top with nipples protruding and TA DA!!!..... instant nursing shirt! it's so easy and cheap! ;)

Vivian said...

I loved the nursing shirts from the Motherhood store. All of the ones I bought were awesome. The nice blouses I bought were under $30 and the shirts were under $15.

Jaime said...

I hate nursing tops! I just wear stretchy shirts and pull 'em up and over! But I'm kind of small chested so maybe it doesn't work the same with more endowed mommies. Plus I just hang out with a lot of people who just, well, hang out. LOL ;)

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