Saturday, January 03, 2009

Just Traveling Along

Singing our song, side by side! I love that song. LOL I don't know why it popped into my head this morning, but it did, so I thought I'd share. Sorry I've been a bad blogger - I've been a little, um, busy. Things are going really well at our house. The Boy adores his sister and wants to kiss her every second of the day. I think he's adjusting really well to having her home, but he goes through mommy withdrawl. So, I have to make sure I spend a little bit of time with him each day and especially around bedtime. I think Will might be more exhausted than me at this point from worrying about all three of us:) He's doing a great job making sure we're all comfortable and cared for and forgetting to get some sleep himself. I got up this morning around 9am and he was passed out on the couch and The Boy was singing along to The Little Einsteins on the TV.

The Girl (is that what I should call her? LOL) is a little angel. Last night was the most we've heard of her the entire time we've been home and all she was telling us was that she was poopy and hungry. Seriously, the girl poops all the time. My milk came in on Thursday night, so I think she's taking advantage of it. She wanted to eat every 3 hours last night, which isn't bad at all, but when it takes 45 minutes to eat, change diaper, and go back to sleep, I was only left with 2 hours chunks of time to sleep. However, after she went back to sleep at 5am, she did wake up poopy, I changed her and put her back down. It's now almost 10am and she's still asleep. I think I will break my cardinal rule of never waking a sleeping baby to see if I can get her up and fed more during the day to see if getting more calories in during the daytime will help her sleep just a tad longer at night. If not, oh well, I tried!

I have pictures to post, but I'm too tired to go and get the camera right now and put them on the computer, so you'll just have to wait. The Boy was supposed to go with Will to our nephew's soccer game today, but the weather is drizzly, so I'm not sure if the games are still on. He might have to settle for an outing to Chuck E. Cheese instead to get some run around time today.


dancin' momma said...

I'm glad everyone is adjusting, and that the boy loves his sister! I don't miss the lack of sleep you get with a newborn, even though miss em still keeps me up more than I like. Can't wait to see some more pictures!

Mandy said...

Super cute blog design! I can't wait to see pictures!!!!!!

Hey, will you send me the dimensions of your blog background sometime? And where you placed the fairy (inches down the document, I mean...) it always takes me too long to figure it out, and I can never get it just your's. ha!

And yes, call her the girl. it fits. :)

Syd said...

Glad to hear she's arrived safe and sound! You are superwoman! I don't know how you're able to blog and take care of a newborn. I know I couldn't do it! Got any secrets you need to share? :)

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