Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's a Sickness, Really

It truly is. I've gotten so many comments from friends and family about how amazing it is that I'm already online posting to my blog and replying to emails. I have to confess that it has nothing to do with being amazing, just OCD about my computer. Seriously, it's an addiction. I compulsively have to check my email and my Google Reader to see if anything else is new. I could honestly tell how much The Girl's labor/delivery took out of me, because it didn't bother me at all that I wasn't able to check email for almost 3 days. I didn't even ask Will to use his Blackberry to try and read some emails. So, you can't see my over flowing basket of clean laundry that needs to be folded or the bathtub that needs to be scrubbed. The beauty of the blog, is that I can show you all the fabulous things:) LOL

Today I chose to organize The Boy's room while Will and The Boy went to his first day of Sunbeams. BIG MISTAKE! I should have used that two hours to sleep, but nope, my OCD kept me from sleeping and instead I used that precious 2 hours trying to get something done. I'm totally paying for it this evening because I'm super sleepy. I'm just waiting 20 minutes until I wake The Girl up so I can get one more feeding in for the day and hopefully she'll go 4 hours in between like she did last night.

I have lots of fun pictures to share. Oh! Can I just tell you how amazing the women in my ward are? We are totally eating like kings around this place. They are taking such good care of us and I am so grateful that I haven't had to cook or even think about cooking since we got home.

Here is how Will and The Girl rang in the New Year. I woke up
around 12:07 to find them just hanging out. I missed ringing
in 2009, but this was a sweet sight to greet me for the New Year!
This his how The Boy celebrated.
Isn't she sweet? She looks like this most of the day right now.Because if she's awake, she looks like this - GIVE ME MY FOOD!
It was fun to catch such a bright eyed picture at only a few days old.These next few bath pictures of The Boy are hilarious!
He loves to pour cold water on himself at the end of his bath.
So, not my kid! I like my showers/baths hot and scalding!

Then he likes to snuggle up in his lion towel from Santa.
I'm really going to try and remember to take a picture with
The Girl and her Lumpy each month to document growth.
Shut up! He is not a Sunbeam already!
I was so sad I wasn't there to take him, but I did remember
to stop and take pictures of my Sunbeam and his new baby sister.
She was done:)
But I needed one more to catch this - ahhh!


BubbaandM said...

I love the pictures! How did the Boy do as a Sunbeam?

Mama said...

cute pictures. and i think i'm jut as addicted as you are. greg is always giving me a hard time. i've actually started to get sad that football is almost over because i have gotten so used to being on the computer while he watchs the games.
you mean..... i'm going to have to actually pay attention to him once football is over?? what the???

Mandy said...

Such a sweet picture at the end! Thanks for the update! I try not to be addicted...yeah. Try. I can't believe he's a sunbeam! (Or that Maggie is a CTR 5. Crazy!)

Kenna said...

Beautiful girl!! And the Boy's ok too!! : ) Cute pictures!

Melanie said...

I have the same sickness!! Ulp!!

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