Sunday, December 07, 2008

Two Big Days

We've had quite the past couple of days and they have been so much fun. On Friday Will had to get to work and The Boy wasn't awake, so we crept into his room and started singing "Happy Birthday". He reluctantly woke up, but when he saw there was a wrapped present for him and realized we were singing "Happy Birthday", he perked right up! We gave him a Vtech Tote'n'Go Laptop and he exclaimed, "I can't believe it! It's so wonderful!" when he saw that it was a computer like mine. It plays games, practices letters and numbers, and has a monkey as a host - what more could he want? LOL

That afternoon we went to lunch with our friends at Chic-fil-a. It was so much fun! The boys played so well together and we were there for 2 hours before we realized how late it had gotten. They had a blast and The Boy crashed for a nap as soon as we got home.

That evening was the ward Christmas party - and oh what a party it was! When I heard about all that was going into it, I thought to myself, "It's just one night. It's just a ward party. That seems a little excessive!" However, once we got there and experienced the entire thing, I can honestly say that I was so grateful for all the work that went into it. It was so awesome and The Boy loved it! First we saw Santa and then I realized I had left my Christmas cards back at home. So we hopped back in the car and ran home to get them. When we got back The Boy made a reindeer and then I delivered the cards.

Then it was time for the Who-feast! The night was themed "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and you really felt like you walked into Who-ville that night. The dinner had roast-beast and there were these beautiful homemade cupcakes everywhere. The Boy could hardly contain himself with all the cupcakes around. All day he had been asking for his birthday cake and so he was in heaven. They also put on the play and the Grinch was awesome! (So was the set!) When the Grinch first came out, The Boy wasn't too thrilled with him. He said, "I want to go home. He's mad to me!" However, when the end of the story came and the Grinch's heart grew, he told me, "He got his heart! He's happy now!"

That night when we got home, I got The Boy ready for bed and left Will watching TV and I headed over to my friend's house. She was having a Christmas/teacher party and so I headed on over to hang out and dish with the girls. It was so fun to see all of them and eat yummy food!

Saturday was The Boy's birthday party. We did it up in W-town with family and his friends from our old ward. It was a Pirate Party and we were all decked out. My awesome aunt works for party supply company and she got us a great deal on supplies. Then, they just happened to have a pirate themed work party and she sent us the stuff they didn't use. It was awesome! The Boy's favorite part was the blow pirate ship. There was a plug at the park, so we couldn't blow it up there, but you can bet that all day Friday and Saturday morning that thing was blown up in our living room.

Here are a few pictures for the Grandparents:)
(Ok, the slideshow isn't working, so click on "few pictures" to see it.)

That night my friends took The Boy with them to see the Santa train. We were a little nervous to send him, because he hadn't had a nap that day and we weren't sure if he would be good. However, my friend reassured me he would be fine and so I let him go. So, I hope he was good! Will and I got to watch Hellboy together and recover from that day's festivities.

When The Boy got home, we carried out our Operation Get Rid of Bedtime Pluggies! Yes, The Boy has been napping and sleeping at night with a pluggy. I'm not ashamed. He's a great sleeper and the thing has seriously been an integral part of it. I asked his dentist at his appointment 6 months ago about it and she said she just recommends getting rid of it by four. I was always kind of a Nazi about the pluggy after about a year old. At a year he couldn't take it out of the house - like no sucking on it at church or what not. Then at about 2 years old, he could only have it at sleeping times and it doesn't leave the bed when he gets up. However, he was really attached to it and I was dragging my feet for the battle to get rid of it all together.

Let me just say, I'm all about "to each his own" or like my friend says "your own brand of crazy" (which I definitely have!), so I don't care if you never give your kids a pluggy or if you let them keep it until they are 6. It just drives me nutz when moms try to get down on one another for BFing "too long" or doing co-sleeping or using pacifiers. WHATEVER! We are all just moms trying to do our best for our kids in our own UNIQUE situations. So, I feel like we need to stop hating and support each other and lift one another up, instead of trying to tear one another down to make ourselves feel better about what we choose to do. It's hard enough to be a mom, without worrying what everyone else thinks about what you are doing.

K, I'll get off my soap box now! LOL

So, I just felt like for our situation, it was time for the thing to go. He's potty trained, he sleeping in a "big boy" bed, and his baby sister is coming. It was just the right time. So we started talking on Monday about how we were going to put the pluggy in a treasure box and leave it for the pirates to take. I told them he would bring his some treasure prizes for his pluggies and he was all excited about it each that we talked about it. Well, when he got home from his long day, this is what happened when I brought it up . . .

Then he was mad at me for taking his picture and hid his face in his blanky:)
So, I dropped it for a little bit and read him some stories. He especially loved the story "A Present for Toot" because Toot kept hanging out naked! LOL We watch the show on Noggin and they are always dressed. They are one of my favorite storybook characters, so I own all of the books. I started reading them to him after the series popped up on Noggin a couple of weeks ago. I don't remember Toot being without clothing in the other books and that night, it was just the thing we needed to take his mind off of what was happening. He was laughing and giggling each time he say Toot's naked booty. Oh! And to clarify - Toot and Puddle are pigs, so it's not people booties we were looking at. Sick! So after a couple of stories, I told him it was time to put the pluggy out for the pirates. He decided we should put it by the front door so they could find it. So he did, He did say to me, after we got back to his bedroom, "After I am done playing with the toys the pirates bring, they will give me my pluggy back." So, I had to clarify that the pluggy was gone for good and that the pirates take the pluggies to babies that need them, like his new baby sister. Then he got kind of teary eyed again and said, "Can my sister come out now?" LOL I told him soon, all too soon, for Christmas she'll be here.

This morning he got up around 6:15 and went to the bathroom and Will put him back to bed. He went right back to sleep, without the thing. YES! Then, I was worried about what would happen at naptime, but he was out within 10 minutes. YES! Hopefully, we'll keep sailing along without too many waves over the missing pluggy!


Crystal said...

Amen about the mother stuff. It's so true, I have found myself doing that sometimes, but then realize that it's lame and that the motha's just need to stick together and give a sista a break! Fix your thing so we can see the pirate party!! Your Christmas party was FABU! If I'm ever on the activities committee I am totally doing that! Good luck with the pluggy, let us know how the pirate thing went.

Mandy said...

Girl, I laughed through most of this post. Too true, and so funny. I love Toot and Puddle! I have to check out that book.

The binky fairies are coming after Christmas for Ryleigh. I'm sick of getting up four times a night with a flashlight to find the stupid thing between the crib and the wall!!!

Jaime said...

Oh my gosh, what an adventure! I've said it before but I can't believe all the stuff you do 9 months pregnant! You're amazing! And amen to not judging other mommies. I have really been hurt by that and try not to do it to other mommies. Let's all survive mommyhood and make friends on the way! Love you!

Davis Family said...

what a big boy! isn't it funny how the things you think are going to be so hard - getting rid of the pacifire - end up so easy?! Your ward party pictures do make it look like they did a great job. I'm so glad jt had an awesome 2 days of partying

Mama said...

okay... so can you guys take my picture all the time?? why do i look 30 pounds lighter in the picture you took of me??

The Ordeel said...

Hey, remind me of the pluggy idea in a few years when I am trying to get Tanner to sleep without one. This is an issue I have never had to deal with with my other guys and I have been nervous about "that day" when I need to say enough. Anyway, not until his next surgery is well behind us--he depends on it too much.

What an awesome birthday!!!! You are such a creative and ambitious mommy. Our birthday parties are never so cool. And, for that matter, neither are our cakes. Good job!

dancin' momma said...

Congrats on the pluggie! i totally agree with you. It's so hard to be a mom, and even harder when people are constantly looking over your shoulder offering their "advice." His party looks like so much fun. And I love his Christmas pj's!

jamie said...

first, I LOVE the very 1st pic of him in the morning opening his present and how he still is half asleep - toooo cute!

And good luck with the binky! Great idea to have to pirates come :) Mia still gets hers for her naptime only, and it's been the BEST leverage. She was totally sad when we took it away for bedtime, but knew she'd get it the next day for her nap! She takes a 2 hour "binky nap" every day and if that continues til kindergarten, fine by me!

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