Thursday, December 04, 2008

On the Eve of His Big Day

Well, tomorrow my little guy turns three. Where has the time gone? I really feel like the last 3 years have flown by. I remember emailing my friend during his first week of life and telling her how he was getting big so fast. Wow! It just never slowed down. I feel so blessed to be his mom, even if the Terrible Threes set in 2 months early and almost everything can send him into a meltdown these days. He is such a sweet boy and loves his "mama" (as he has taken to calling me lately - what the?) and I hope he always will. Will has told me that boys always love their mothers, so I hope the same is true with my little guy. I've loved having the last three years as just him and me. We've been able to do so many things and have so many adventures. It really has been a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. I am so thrilled we are adding another child to the family and it will make things all the more sweet, but it has been so fun to have so much one-on-one time together. So, here's to my crazy 3-year-old boy on his big day. We love you so much and we are so grateful you are ours.

Today was a quiet day. We ran some errands during the afternoon and tonight I had a fabulous baby shower tonight thrown by the great ladies in my ward. Today during nap time I addressed, stuffed, and licked all 60 of the Christmas cards that need to mailed to friends and family near and far. Yuck! I hate licking envelopes and I usually use a sponge, but I was honestly too lazy to get up and get one, so I just licked them. Bleh! So, that's what my December Daily page was about today.


Jaime said...

It is so special to have the time alone with the first one. I feel like I didn't miss anything with Jeremy because I had every moment with him. He calls me Mama too and I love it! Here's to boys and their mamas!

Mandy said...

Girl, you are getting me all teary eyed, thinking about my days with just M. What a fun time that was. Not that R. added to the mix isn't fun, but it's different.

You are also getting me STOKED about doing my Daily December Album next year! I will be checking back to these posts next year. ;)

Crystal said...

I'm probably just crazy, but I cried for days when I was still pregnant with Franky because I never had mom and me time with Daisy. I felt like this new baby was intruding...and then I felt bad for feeling like that. But I loved him as instantly as I loved Daisy when she was born. And it is funny how your love isn't divided between the two, it just grows to accommodate another one :) Happy Birthday to the Boy!

Syd said...

Kyla! Your blog is so fun to read. Thanks for keeping me updated on how you're all doing. Can't wait to hear when baby girl arrives!

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