Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween!

A few days late! LOL All my other blogging friends have been so fab about posting all their Halloween photos in a timely manner, and I just fell down on the job. We had a fabulous Halloween. We made it to park day, the kids both took great naps, and Will got home from work on time to make it to a Halloween get together at our friends' house.
We went Trick-or-treating with our friends and their families around their neighborhood. The Boy was hesitant to leave because he loves the toys at Brooke's house. We finally got him out the door and he did about a street and half and wanted to be done. He kept saying, "We're all done?" and signing done with his hands (I've been signing "all done" with Baby T, so it's fresh in his mind again). I kept telling him we just had to loop the block and then we were done. About a street away from Brooke's house, he caught his second wind and was running up to the door and saying "trick-or-treat" again.One of the first houses we went to had this giant spider hanging from the tree, and the owner would lower and raise it to keep everyone entertained. The Boy was wary of it and it was all he could talk about when he when up to the next few doors. At one door all the kids rushed the door and The Boy started telling the man all about the spider. The man was trying to listen to The Boy and give candy to the other 3 kids standing there and The Boy got left out. So he finally said, "trick-or-treat", and the man told him that he had already gotten some. The Boy looked down in his bucket, looked back at me, and looked totally confused. I felt so bad, but we just told him to come and he shrugged his shoulder and walked back down the driveway. (Hello, even if he had gotten a snack bag of M&Ms, would it have killed the guy to give him another? Which he didn't, because he had his bucket behind his back as he intently told the man about the giant spider. Lame.)

The Boy really loved this costume!
On Saturday Will, The Boy and I went to hang reminders to Vote Yes on 8 together. Originally, The Boy and I were just going to drive Will around and let him do it himself. However, when I saw how many houses he had to do, I figured we better get out and help or we'd be out there until dark. It was kind of warm, and because I hadn't planned to walk, I had terrible shoes on, but I was really gung-ho at the beginning. Then, I got yelled out and that kind of freaked me out and killed my joy. Will was told we were hanging on doors that had said they were voting Yes on 8 and/or were registered republicans. Well, this guy either was a no voting republican or we just got one wrong. I hung it on the door and had just gotten to the end of the driveway when he came out. The Boy was in the stroller and Will was catching up to us on another street. He immediately shouted at me, "No on 8! Gays have just as much right to be happy as anyone." I just started walking. Then he shouted, "I'm ripping this S*%@ up! No on 8!" Then he got personal and shouted, "You B*$@!#!" Um, hello!???? What? I kindly thanked him for swearing in front of my two-year-old and kept on my way.That's what has really gotten me about this entire "campaign". The "No on 8" people tout the "Yes" people as intolerant bigots. Yet, in all the press I've read over the past few months, I haven't read any stories where a "yes" person beat up or harrassed or shouted expletives at the "nos". However, I've read several stories about the opposite happening. It's just sad. Plenty of my friends have had their bumper stickers and signs stolen. What happened to freedom of speech and respecting the opinions of others, even if you don't agree? We don't have to agree, but let's be kind to one another. Who is intolerant? I'm off my soap box now, but it just makes you think.

All that walking in the heat and the night before for Trick-or-Treating really took it out of me and I've been trying to recover the past couple of days. The Boy is sick and Will is catching it, so we stayed home from church today, as not to spread the "love". I'm just really hoping this cold doesn't turn into a sinus infection that last 6 months, like the last one The Boy had at the beginning of the year.Oh! Let me share with you what we had for dinner the night before Halloween. Will wasn't due to land until late that night and I wanted to do something fun and festive for dinner. I had also wanted to try making pumpkin pancakes - so I did! They turned out great and our jaggedy lantern pancakes were super cute!


karen said...

looks like a fun halloween !! :) wow.. what a jerk about the prop 8.. i heard all about it.. hope the "yes" part wins !! it will be so bad if the "no" part wins.. i thought we already voted on that..

Crystal said...

So cute! We have a state amendment on the ballot to define marriage as being between a man and a woman...I wonder why the church didn't make a big deal of it here? Perhaps we are a lost cause this far away from

Crystal said...

ALSO...what's up with the stingy candy man?!? I can understand if it was like a 10 year old punk, but a cute little 3 year old?? He needs to watch the donald duck trick or treat short, "you beter not be stingy or, your nightmares will come true!"

Mama said...

that no on prop 8 guy was a jerk. even if you disagree with something it doesn't give you the right to cuss people out. could you imagine if we cussed some one out every time we disagreed with them??
i'd be swearin' up a storm!!

amyminette said...

Hey, You guys look so cute for Halloween. Looks like you had lots of fun. I love the pumpkin pancakes!!

Ashby said...

The nerve of that guy. Too bad for him, you got the last laugh now that Prop 8 passed! YAY for you guys! And congrats for all the hard work!

I love the Boy's Halloween costume. Too cute!

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