Monday, October 13, 2008

A Fun Filled Week cont.

I'm back as promised with more to tell about our fun week. On Friday we woke up and decided that we wanted to go to the Wild Animal Park down near San Diego. We've actually been talking about going for over a year now, but we just woke up, the weather was great, and decided it was the day to go.

The Boy was so excited. At first he thought we were going to the Jungle Cruise with Grandpa and Kenna, but once he got there and saw it was really like a real jungle, he thought it was awesome! The first thing we did was take the Into Africa tram and saw all the cool animals. The Boy and Baby T thought it was so awesome. The people that had the best view of the animals were those doing the "safari" thing where you get up close and personal to all the animals. How fun! But how expensive! Plus, the kids have to be at least 6, so we were out anyway. I think Grandpa might need to come for The Boy's 6th birthday:)

It was just a fun day and The Boy loved everything about it. When we went to see the gorillas, he told us he wanted to go and pet them. I had to explain - very nicely - that the gorillas would rip his arms off if he got too close. J/K! I didn't say that. I just told him that it wasn't safe. So, then he said he wanted to pet the alligators. Good thing they didn't have any alligators, so we were off the hook.Will did take him into the the petting zoo part so he at least touch some kind of animal - even if it wasn't a gorilla or an alligator.

On Saturday I was torn about whether or not we should go to Sea World. We have a year pass that expires in December and I really wanted to be able to go with Will one more time before they expire. However, all the walking at the Wild Animal Park the day before had turned my ankles into cankles. But they were looking and feeling much better by the next morning and the weather was even better than the day before, so we decided to go.It was almost a mistake:) Do not go to Sea World in October on a Saturday! I have never seen the parking lot so crowded! On the weekends in October they do some fun Halloween stuff, plus I forgot it was a holiday weekend for some people, so that made it even crazier. However, once we were in the park, it really wasn't too bad. The Boy had a blast Trick-or-Treating and seeing all the animals. We saved feeding the dolphins (for our very first time ever) for our last event and even skipped out of the Shamu show early to beat the crowds. As we walk up to the entrance, the lady informs us they had canceled that feeding and we'd have to wait over an hour for the next one. Well, by that point we were done, so we just left. Maybe another day . . . On the way out Will spotted these giant lollipops and The Boy is always talking about BIG lollipops, so we indulged his dream and got him one. He was in heaven just holding it, since I told him he couldn't have it until he got home.

That evening after his nap we went to a 1st birthday party for a friend's little girl and it was a blast! There was awesome food, fun games for the kids, and The Boy got to dress up as a pirate - his favorite. (Why did I not make him a pirate for Halloween? Oh well!) Sunday we had a birthday dinner for Will's younger brother with the family and so The Boy's weekend was just as jam packed as last week!


Mandy said...

What, no picture of the big sucker? I'm so disappointed! Ha! Hey, I have a shout out to you on my blog. Go check it out...since your Reader doesn't pick it up!

Jaime said...

Why can't he be a pirate for Halloween? It's not even here yet? Knowing you, you probably made him something fabulous to wear already. Oh well, next year he can be a pirate if he still wants. We even have a costume you can borrow if you want. Jeremy loves it and wears it all the time.

k N d kuNz said...

um, you know i live like 15 minutes away from the wild animal park!?!?!? you should know that for future reference. :) looks like fun.

I Said This said...

The Boy is so cute with Will! They look basactly the same.

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