Friday, September 12, 2008

Girl Crazy

So, don't go to, whatever you do, just stay away! LOL Now that I know we're having a girl there are so many more possibilities and darling things out there that people make. I want to learn how to make them all! Let me share a few with you. (All images are clickable)

Let's start with an obsession I've had for a long time - bags. Wouldn't this make the most adorable diaper bag??? Love it!
And can we talk car seat covers? We had vermin get into the storage at our old place and chew on our car seat fabric, so I NEED one of these. LOL I wish my MIL were here to help me just make one! This is one of my favorites that I've seen.

Now this would have come in handy with The Boy, but so darling for a girl. It's called a binky bib - or in our case a pluggy bib:) I think I can figure out how to whip one of these up and it's one of my goals for this week.And can we talk hair accessories? Oh my heck!!!!!! I am so in love with everything. These are just too yummy!!!
And since I'm pretty sure our little girl is going to be totally bald - I was bald until I was like 5 years old. The Boy was a bald baby, but has a little hair now, but that's okay because he's a boy and they can get away without having hair. So I love these headbands and hats that have interchangeable bows and flowers, so that there will be no question that she is a girl. I like this one!
And this one: (Plus I adore her outfit)
And this one:
Pillowcase dresses!!!!! These are so fun and I've found some tutorials on how to make them. They look especially darling with a long sleeved tee underneath with leggings or cute jeans. Love 'em!
And I'm so excited to make beaded socks again. When I was a teenager one of my leaders made them and taught me. So I'm sure that after I brush up a little I'll have no problem making them again. I especially love these because I love anything candy corn during the Fall months.
Now, this isn't an Etsy item, but I REALLY want this double stroller by Graco - Quattro Duo. With having Baby T everyday, along with The Boy and our little girl on the way, I think this is perfect for getting us out and about. I like this one because it's more compact than the Graco DuoGlider and so I think it will fit in my little trunk. My cousin and friend both have a cool one that lets you move the chairs all around in different positions, but it doesn't fit in my trunk. I've shoved a DuoGlider into my trunk twice before, so I'm sure the Quattro Duo will fit. I've been stalking them on Craigslist, so hopefully I'll find one that's a little cheaper than retail.


Kathy said...

We just had a bow making party and it is was so much fun to make lots of cute flower and bow clips for my girls. Plus doing it as a group we had tons more ribbon to chose from and got way more done in the end.

Those pillow case dresses are adorable - after you make one you need to post it and put the instructions on here.

I'm so excited you guys are having a girl they are so much fun.

Mama said...

can we say.... baby shower gift??? you're having a girl so we need to have a shower for you. you need girly things. even if it's a small shower it would be fun.

iowamom said...

I love having girls!! And I love having a SIL that is talented enough to make all of these cute things... ;) It's so nice to know that I'm not the only mom obsessed with all things girly!

Laura said...

All the things you have picked are too die for!!!! Girls are so FUN. See all the cute things almost makes me want to try for another one. ALMOST

Melanie said...

I LOVE the bag!! Super cute!! I always like to have new diaper bags. Tired of the same on...and since I don't really carry purses right now(love purses!!), I have to be creative with my diaper bags!! Way cute!!

I used to think that if I had a boy, my bag had to be blue or some sort of "boy" color. WRONG-O!! It matches me! hahaa!! Enjoy being girly!!

jenerekfamily said...

Girlfriend - don't get the pink outfit. Those flowers were placed JUST too strategically. Makes it look like she has boobies.

Can't wait to see your baldie.

Mike said...

please don't make those weird little hats for your girl.... this is mike by the way

Amy said...

All super cute!! I've never seen the binky bib before. Can you teach me how to do the beaded socks? I'll trade you and help you make bow clippies or headbands. Maybe a girls craft night party?

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