Thursday, August 07, 2008


This is why I love music it just speaks to you. Here's one for my Twilight Peeps. I cried. Seriously. Will was like, are you ok? Yeah, I'm just crying over a song about Bella/Edward/Jacob- again.

Just so you know, Stephenie's never moment is pg. 355 of Breaking Dawn. I watched the live broadcast of the Breaking Dawn Concert Series that took place in LA tonight online and it was super cool. I actually like his performance of the song better tonight in LA. This one must have been in NY or Chicago because it was already online the minute after I heard the song live. Plus, I like his explanation and her explanation better too. AND! There isn't a stupid girl that shouts out - I LOVE EDWARD! in the middle of the song in tonight's performance. Dumb girl. However, the song is gorgeous and it so fits pg. 355.


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