Thursday, August 07, 2008

Breaking Dawn

*****Mandy, don't read this if you want a fresh take on BD before you read it.****

Ok, PSA over:)What can I say? I loved it. I know there are a lot of people on both sides of the fence with this one, but I'm on the happy side. My three requirements for a happy ending were met with this book and I think she wrote a fun story and threw some cool twists and I came away feeling totally pleased with it.

How about you, fellow blog readers, how did you feel about the book? Were you a true fan and got your book at 12:01? I had great intentions of doing that, but my family was in town the entire week and I did have the time to properly prepare for the event. It would have been fun to do a girls night and do dinner and then stay up, but I didn't have time to get a wristband or organize anything. So, on Saturday morning I was at Costco bright and early and I picked up my book and that was good for me. No lines, no missed sleep:) However, I will be seeing the Twilight movie the soonest I can. I'm committed to that, even if I will be 3 weeks from my delivery date! LOL

On another BD note . . . have you seen this? It's Bella's engagement ring and it's being sold by I think it's beautiful and if I was a jewelry collector (and had a spare $1900 laying around), I'd pick one up. You can get it as a fashion ring, a fine ring, or a genuine ring. So, any guys out there with a fiancee that has an Edward fetish - you could score big points with this one!
Have you seen my flair? I love this one! Especially after finishing BD and how awesomely it ended.


Kathleen said...

I loved Breaking Dawn. I agree with you, everything I wanted to happen happened. Maybe not the exact way I imagined it, but enough to make me happy. I was really pleased with how it wrapped everything up. I can't believe that so many people are hating it!

k N d kuNz said...

i took the gre on the 2nd so i made myself wait...but it was good. i had my issues about half way through...but got right past them and ended up LOVING it.

The Titmi said...

LOVED IT! Almost as much as Twilight. Well maybe

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