Saturday, June 14, 2008

Space Cadet

On Finding Nemo with Daddy! (It was Will's first time, The Boy's 15th - LOL)

I am feeling more and more like a space cadet. I can take one step, or look the other direction even, and by the time I look back, I've totally forgotten what I was going to do. It is getting to be really annoying. Soon I will be like one of those people that has no short term memory. Like 10 second Tom in the movie 50 First Dates. It's awful. I need to eat more brain food or do more crossword puzzles or something. Help!

What prompted the beginning of this post is because I came here fully expecting to see the pictures of our day at Disneyland with Will's work and then, they weren't here. I was sure I had posted them and even blogged about them. Nope. It was something I sat down to do on Monday, got distracted and then totally forgot that I never di. What a freak! Anywho. . . Our day at Disneyland was fabulous. We got there right around 8:00 and started with Nemo. The line moved quickly and The Boy even ran with me to go potty. He's so big! He used the potty all day at Disneyland and didn't have any potty accidents. The only accident he did have was when we were waiting outside of Splash Mountain for our friends and he was playing in the rocks while Will watched him and I was talking to a co-worker of Will's and watching the baby of the friends on the ride. He went and hid behind a big rock and by the time Will noticed, it was too late. LOL Good thing for pull-ups!

Chillin' with Goofy and Donald at the company private party.

We got on a lot of rides that day and The Boy got his picture taken with Wood and Jesse - which was one of the highlights of his day. The last 2 times he and I went together he was begging to see "Booty" and Jesse, but we could never catch them over by Big Thunder Ranch at the right time. That day we saw them and stalked them down and got his picture taken right away. After lunch we did Splash Mountain with friends - trading watching kids - and then we went home for a nap. After The Boy's (and Will's) nap, we went back to see the fireworks. Well, we were in the wrong place for a toddler to view the fireworks. We were in Fantasyland so we could a couple more rides and decided to stay over there. Big mistake. Too loud! So instead of viewing the fireworks, I crouched with my head near The Boy's head reassuring him that everything was okay and it would be over soon. LOL Live and learn. Our last ride of the day was Peter Pan at 10:00pm and then we hobbled home.
We've had a very productive week of potty training. Absolutely no potty accidents! Yea! And he's starting to tell me he has to go #2. Phew! I was worried about that one. I'm really amazed at his progress and I know it's because I waited until he was ready. That's amazing for me because I like things done on my time table and so I was all for pushing him back in January into using that toilet. However, after he peed on my carpet 3 times, I scrapped that idea. LOL


Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

Yay for the Boy!! He's such a smartie!

Jaime said...

I absolutely agree with you, there's no use potty-training until they're ready. It's just an exercise in frustration and potty training is already tricky enough!
Good job, Mama!

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