Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My First Etsy Sale!

I'm so excited, my very first item in My Etsy shop sold! I started the shop about 4 months ago to see how my stuff would do and I have to admit, it did nothing. LOL However, I just kept it in there, hoping something would sell and today my changing pad sold. Yea! I decided I need to put some more things into the store. I recently did a really cute and funky green and pink hawaiian set for my friend and I cut out a second set that I just need to put together. If I was smart I would have taken a picture of her things before I gave them to her! So I'm going to do that one up and one other and maybe work on my marketing strategies - I really have none. I better consult my financially minded hubby.

We were super busy this weekend with a LONG, but fun, day at Disneyland. I have some cute pictures to post and it is my goal to post them this evening. I've been in kind of a scrapping funk, so I haven't done much in that department either. I'm hoping that sewing it up for a few days for a couple of baby showers I have coming up with get my juices flowing again.


Mandy said...

Congrats on your first sale! Exciting! Sewing always gets my juices flowing again...hope it works for you, too!

Davis Family said...

That is so awesome. I can't believe you made that dress too!

Kathy said...

So cute. I might need to put in a special order after we have our baby and know what color I'll need.

Jaime said...

Congratulations! I'm not good at selling either, so I feel your excitement, sister!

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