Friday, February 29, 2008

What Do you Do...

When you're sick? I'm not sick right now (knock on wood), but the Libby the Sugarbabe asked us to blog about how we handle being sick. I don't get sick very often - maybe once or twice a year. So, it's not a huge issue for me. However, when I do get sick I tend to stay home. I'm not a pleasant person when I am sick, so it's better if I'm not out and about to embarrass myself:) As a teacher, I had sick days, so I would use them. Plus, I think it is a common courtesy to stay home when you are sick so that you don't get everyone sick and then keep the sick cycle going.
Will's work gives him unlimited sick days, but no one will use them because the work still has to get done, so everyone just goes to work sick. I think that is a poor management policy. Work places should be just like day cares - if you have a temperature or you're contagious, STAY HOME! I think a lot of people are forced into working when they are sick because their workplace isn't friendly toward them staying home to get healthy. I am also not a person that goes to the doctor when I'm sick unless forced to by Will. I will use my herbs and "concoctions" to try and stave off the common cold. I haven't ever had a flu shot, although Will and The Boy have. However, I also don't remember the last time I got the flu.
If I get time to myself when I am sick (as a SAHM that doesn't usually happen - life must go on) then I like to sleep. So it works out best if I am sick on the weekend so that The Boy can hang with his dad and I can get some sleep.

Sorry that I've been a bad blogger this week. I didn't realize that I hadn't blogged since last week. That's insanity! I've been scrapping like crazy because I'm trying to earn enough points to be in the running for the Sweet Shoppe Conference. We had a great week and had many things to do. On Wednesday we went to Disneyland and my SIL and nephew met us there. The boys had fun hanging out with each other and they were so fun to watch. They both loved the petting farm and my nephew had no fear of the goats. The Boy loves "animees", but he was a little nervous to stand too close to any of them.

Yesterday my friend came down from Westminster and our kids played and we talked. FINALLY! I've been harrassing her for months to come down here. In the afternoon we went to an impromptu park day and The Boy was glad to get out and see some more people. I can't remember what we did on Monday and Tuesday - sad. My memory is already fading. LOL

Tomorrow our association has a spring party with an egg hunt and as long as The Boy can stay awake, we'll take him over to search for some eggs. I'm hoping that Will doesn't have to work so that we can have some fun family time. I'm so excited that next week is Book Club. I went to my first one last month and it was so fun. Have a fabulous weekend!


iowamom said...

I love the wild things page. He is too cute! We also really hope that you guys will be part of our "Everybody" this summer!

Mama said...

okay, so it isn't easter yet right? you have me freaking out a little bit thinking it's easter now since you're having a egg hunt. i better check my calendar. things have been sneaking up on me lately. did you know we're hcanging times again next weekend??? how cool is that!! i love summer nights!

Melanie said... cute little nephew Kyle!! cute post!

Cindy said...

Your pages are sooo cute Kyla, and The Boy is ADORABLE!!!

Ashby said...

Your pages turned out great! I love the one of you and Heather at the bottom!!!

Jaime said...

Amen Sister! Stay home if you're sick. I get so irritated with people who get me sick because they just can't stay home. Whatever! Wow, that was a grouchy comment. Have a great day!

Crystal said...

I'm so glad you got the easter kit, the grass is so cute!! You're blog looks fabu as always!

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