Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Treat Plates

So, I was totally inspired by Gina Miller and decided to make treat plates this year for our neighbors, two of the families in our ward that live in our neighborhood, a friend in the stake, and our dentist. I know you're thinking - DENTIST? LOL But there is a good reason for taking our dentist some treats. Did I share this story already? I can't remember, but The Boy scribbled all over his wall with green crayon and so I felt like I needed to make nice:) He and his staff loved it, so it was perfect. He especially love the caramels. Me too - hee, hee.


Mandy said...

So the egg nog creams worked? Next year you'll have to do a cookie exchange! Ask Laura all about it. I didn't understand what it was until AFTER the fact because no one told me!

Ashby said...

Hey, my dad is a dentist and we ALWAYS appreciated the treats, candy, and cookies he would get at Christmas! Hey, he needs something to keep his business going! LOL!

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