Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Lu-ley!!!

Chrismas Eve present from G&G.
Tonight we kept The Boy up until about 9:45 hoping to catch the East Coast dropping of the ball, but it wasn't on:) Doh! So we just poured us some Martinelli's, toasted, and said, "Happy Lu-ley!" Well, we said Happy New Year and Happy Lu-ley is was The Boy came up with. It was really cute and I wish we had been video taping it. He also felt it absolutely necessary to toast/clink glasses every time he wanted to take a drink. He takes his celebrations very seriously.
So, good news, I might have a job babysitting a little boy 3 days a week. I'm meeting with the mommy next week so can see if it's a good fit and if all goes well, then I'll start at the end of January. Woohoo!

Yea! Jammies!

This weekend was a good one. On Friday Will worked a little and I met his siblings (older sister and brother) and their families at Islands for lunch. His sister was in town from Utah, so it was good to see them. That evening we went over to our friends to a get together with our other friends that live in Utah. Geez, what is it with us and people from Utah? LOL That was a fun night. We got to chat and the kids played and it was a fun time. The Boy loves being around other kids and both of our friends have really great, cute kiddies. Our friends from Utah are our hope that a girl can be born to our families. LOL Will has these 2 friends from childhood and now that we're all married and having kids, only boys have been born until our Utah friends had their 3rd child - which is a girl. So, maybe we'll get a girl somewhere down the road. If not, boys are cool too - we love ours:) hee, hee

Baby H was not in the mood for pictures.

On Saturday we didn't do much, that I can remember. I did some swimming and biking. I'm trying to get all my Chiro Man Triathlon miles in before it's too late. The swimming is killer. I'm terrified of keep my head in the water (one reason I never persued my dream of being a marine biologist - that and SHARKS!) so I have to work at controlling my breathing so I don't hyperventilate and drown. I rotate between freestyle, backstroke, and side stroke mainly. I like the breast stroke, but it's so slow. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get it all in.

Sunday Will was sick, so just The Boy and I went to sacrament meeting. I wasn't feeling too hot either and The Boy still has a cough and runny nose, so I didn't want to expose the other Nursery kids to anymore buggies. Will was pretty much out of commission all day so I got some reading in and The Boy and I hung out.

Today I biked in the morning and swam in the evening. Will worked some more and we met him for lunch and then I came home and put The Boy down for a nap. I've already share our New Year's festivities, so not much else to say. Will and I are still awake, but I don't know how much longer we'll make it. We've got a little over an hour to go. Happy New Year everyone!

Don't you love his face????
P.S. I'm sharing some Christmas Eve photos with you. Sorry about the red eye - I haven't photoshopped them yet. We're getting closer to Christmas pictures! LOL


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