Saturday, November 24, 2007

So Much To Post!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. We went to Will's brother's house and spent it with his family, the missionaries, and my SIL's sister. On Black Friday we did brave Target and get all of our Christmas shopping for The Boy and all of our family members done in one fell swoop. It is so awesome and I'm glad to be done and have gotten such fab deals. I have many pictures to post of the last few weeks and I also have a video to share. So I'll will get on with the posting. I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome and that you are stuffed sufficiently until next year!

Showing off his punkoween and train from storytime a few weeks ago.

This is his new really cheesy smile. DARLA!
There goes the Nemo sub!
A big cheese before taking off in Dumbo.A snow capped castle. My friends Tigger and POOOOH! But The Boy was ready for a nap!
The giant Disneyland tree. I'll take that one:)
Kissing his horsey.
My beautiful homemade rolls! Isn't it beautiful????My super yummy homemade cranberry sauce.
All of the delicious food we had. I was so glad my SIL made sweet potatoes!
Pumpkin pies
My banana cream pie and french apple pie. This is the first time I've made them. Here is the little boy that would only eat rolls!


Mandy said...

LOVE the pics!!!!!!!!!!! YOu did great with your pies. :)

Laura said...

I love his little chesser smile!!! Your dinner looks yummy!

Mama said...

why does the boy look so grown up? i just saw him a couple weeks ago. i swear he has grown a ton since then. it must be all those yummy rolls!

Crystal said...

Those rolls do look delicious. I'm jealous of your baking skills.

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