Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Punkoween!

Well, I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I never got around to it:) It was a wild day. The Boy didn't get up until almost 8am. So when I said I was going to get ready to go walking, Will was like, "Aren't you going to Music Makers at church? Why don't you just walk there? It can't be that far." HA! It really wasn't that far, but I only allowed myself 35 minutes to get there and that meant I had to take a fast pace. So by the time I get there I am all sweaty and nasty and I'm sure I was quite the sight for the ladies:) The Boy had fun, but it was a little wild for my liking. I know it was Halloween and the kids were in their costumes and they did some things that were different from their norm, so they were a little wound. The problem is that The Boy wants to run around like some of the other kids and I won't allow it. Therein lies our conflict. I just won't do it. I rule with an iron fist - just like I ruled my classroom. He'll probably grow up and be extra lenient with his kids because I am so tough. However, I feel like as a mother that it is my job to teach him social rules on how you behave when you are with others so that others will want to play with you because you are a nice kid and not a maniac. I probably go a little over the top sometimes and I'm trying to let the reins out a little as he is getting older, but it is so hard! I saw so many kids as a teacher that didn't have friends because they didn't know how to behave socially with others. It's just too sad.

California Adventure Sign during Halloween Time

So on Tuesday night the Elders Quorum came to visit and they were super nice. However, The Boy decided he was going to put on a show for our visitors. It was compounded by the fact that he was only in a diaper and socks:) Yep, so white trash, I know. You see we had gone to Trunk or Treat and when we got home, I stripped him down out of his costume so he could eat dinner. Will had told me he didn't think the EQ was coming because he didn't give them our address. Well, I guess they didn't need it. And Will was at a recruiting event, so it was just me and crazy man running around nearly naked. The best thing of the whole visit is when he crawls into the nook where the DVDs are and pulls out Lady and the Tramp. Then, comes to me, singing at the top of his lungs, Bella Notte. Oh, but it doesn't stop there. He says, "Sing, mommy, sing!" So here I am trying to talk to our EQ presidency and nearly naked white trash Boy is screaming for me to sing with him and he won't take no for an answer. I finally distracted him and he went to play in his room.

So back to Punkoween. Oh, I forgot to explain that The Boy calls it Punkoween - it's a mix of pumpkin and Halloween. I think it is hilarious. He really likes when we play hide and go seek and then when you find the person you shout, "PUNKOWEEN!" Darling. So after Music Makers we had to walk home - I was dead tired. Next time I drive to church I'm going to see how far it is from our house. It felt like 2.5 miles, but watch, it will like barely one! We came home and had lunch and The Boy took a great nap. I got ready and finished up some scrapbooking. After his nap we ran to Costco and Target. When we got home Will was home from work and The Boy was thrilled. I hurry and did my hair and then took The Boy with me to Westminster to pick up his babysitters. I would have left him with Will, but I needed him for the carpool lane. His sitters are darling! They are twin sisters and I love them! He can only say one of their names well and so he calls both of them the same name. We'll work on that, so he's better next time they come. When we got back I got dressed and we headed out to the party. It was a lot of fun. I saw my cutie friend Daphne and we got to chat with friends. We ate and danced and I almost won the candy corn guessing contest. Dang! Will did the caramel apple eating contest, but Elvis and Napolean just pounded it down! So we didn't win that one either. We were there until about 10:15 and then decided we needed to get our sitters home. It was the perfect time to leave because about 10:00 all the single adults that were invited by Will's friend's sister, showed up. It became a dancing madhouse. We both forgot how outgoing you have to be when you are single. I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore.

So, that was our Punkoween. It was really like 6 days of Punkoween -beginning with my SIL's party on Friday and culminating with our party last night. I hope next year is as fun. I'm already trying to decide what we will be next year. Will told me I have a whole year to think about it. Exactly.


Laura said...

I love the new blog look

Daphne said...

Mormy, I am SO glad to know that you don't want The Boy to run around and be wild like those other kids. It's not like I get mad when I see kids behaving that way, but it's more like... I think to myself "do those parents not teach their kids?" So I'm happy that you are not one of those parents. The Boy is so adorable with his Punkoween. Genius, I tell ya.

Anyway, I had a fab time seeing you and Will last night, and I'm even more grateful that you were there when YOUKNOWWHO showed up. I wouldn't have been able to get my act together had you not been there.

Luv ya babe!


Crystal said...

PUNKAWEEN! I love it! Daisy last night kept saying, "Daisy California PLEASE!" ALL NIGHT, like every thirty seconds...we almost came to your house last night just to get her to stop :)

Jaime said...

So tell us, were you Dorothy or the crayon?

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