Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good Morning

How is everyone this Thursday morning? We're pretty good here at our home. Will is out of town, just for last night, so The Boy and I have had a lot of time together. Ha! He has been really good, but is missing his daddy and keeps talking about how he went on a plane. I'm glad this was only a two day trip with one missed night. He used to go for 1-2 weeks on this job, so this is much improved. Yesterday we went running in the morning and then I got showered and we went to the Stake Music Makers program. I had a much better time this time. I think I wasn't frazzled from walking there (BTW it's over 2 miles one way!) and the kids weren't in costume so they were a little calmer. Of course there were the ones that still ran around when they were supposed to be singing, but The Boy had a good time and it was nice to get out. Afterwards, my friend that is in one of the other wards invited us to go to lunch with her. It was nice to have adult conversation! That is something that I am really having a hard time with. I have been used to being able to talk to my MIL during the day or to go to aerobics, walking with my girlfriend, playdates, park day, etx and having someone to talk to. I'm sure that Will thinks I am nutz when he gets home and I blabber, blabber on:) I love being at home and playing with my monkey, but it's nice to talk to an adult at least once during the day. So, I'm going to have to get out there and make friends. It's so hard! You all know that. So any tips for making friends or how you got acclimated to a new place, send them my way!

We went swimming after The Boy's nap - I know, swimming in November! It's insane, but it was in the 70s yesterday, so totally possible in a heated pool. We had a good time and ended our swimming time in the hot tub. It was so nice! Will taught The Boy to lay on the floor in our living room and pretend we are camping and watching the shooting stars. So that's what he and I did last night. It was really cute. I took a video with my phone, but I'm sure the sound won't work, so I'm not even going to try and post it. He gets really excited and talks about the stars zooming. After he went to bed, I did the online draft with my inlaws for our NBA Fantasy League. I know, we're a little late, but this was our third try. LOL The first time half didn't register or know that the draft was live and timed, so it didn't work out. The second time two couldn't get in because they didn't register in time and last night we finally got it to work. Yea! Hopefully I'll do better this year than I did last year. I think I was like 5/6! Dang. Not so hot. I just need to pay attention.

We went to Disneyland this week and I took some pictures that I will try and upload tomorrow. We had a good time. My cousin was supposed to come, but she had a big road trip to get ready for and decided she just couldn't do it all. I totally understand that. We had a fun time, but it was warm and busier than the week before. We went on Nemo, the Train, The Tiki Room, Dumbo, and the Carousel. Tomorrow my friend and her little girl (The Boy's Dorothy from Halloween) are coming over to play. Yea! Hopefully if the weather holds out we can go swimming. I plan to go today too, but before his nap. Because it gets dark so early, the sun is setting at like 4:30 and it starts to get chilly.

So our plans for today are to swim and do laundry. I'd also like to make some more pumpkin cookies with a recipe my girlfriend gave me that is super easy, but when I went to the grocery store (Ralph's) they didn't have a spice cake mix. Hello! That is one thing I remember about Ralph's when we moved here and I was trying to find the grocery store I liked - Ralph's didn't have a very good selection. Vons was expensive. Alberston's felt the best:) So, that is the fourth thing I couldn't get at Ralph's. They didn't have larger than a 5lb bag of flour, no normal jars of yeast, no spice cakes, and no turkey pepperoni. Mmmmm . . . . they need to get with it. LOL! I remember at Thanksgiving after we first moved here they didn't have lemon jello. Weird.


Mandy said...

Swimming? Crazy! Yeah, I had to go to all three of those stores every week to get what I needed at the best price. Nuts.

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