Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What a World, What a World

I'm feeling a little wicked today:) Well, actually I've just been listening to my SILs Wicked soundtrack like nonstop and I'm so obsessed with it! Have I ever told you that my secret dream was to be a Broadway star? Well, since I never had formal voice or dance training, I'm pretty sure I'm out of luck, but if someone ever wanted to grant me my dream job, that would be it.

So today I went to the new house and waited for the Sears guys to deliver our appliances. They were really nice and I was sorry I didn't have anything cold to offer as a drink. You know, since they were delivering our refrigerator. I also transfered all our utilities over and now we're all set up. The Boy also took a nap at our new place. He was also sleeping in the closet:) It was the darkest place in the house. Oh! For the first two hours I had the air running and I was dying. It wasn't getting any colder, just hotter! So I finally call our Customer Service rep and he was so nice to come over and help me fix it. It turns out the breaker to the unit was turned off and so he showed me how to fix that and we were all set. Yea!

Tomorrow I'm going to go over again and do some unpacking and I'll take another load over. I can't stay too long because we have a great YW activity planned - a party! LOL Goodnight!


Mama said...

uuummm... Mrs. broadway you want to take my place in the play i'm doing?

Mandy said...

I wish I could come and see your new place!!! When are you going to come see mine? :)

Laura said...

I hope you love putting your new home together. ARe you still in the same ward?

Daphne said...

Dang I still haven't seen Wicked. I wanna see the appliances you got. Haha, okay that sounded nerdy. But it's true. I love new refrigerators and stuff.

KarenH said...

How's your new house ????????

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