Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday is a Special Day

Good morning, everyone! We had such a fun time last night that I just had to blog this morning. Plus, my friend Mandy that just moved to Utah wrote a big ol' entry and I feel like if she could write with all the craziness going on in her life, then I could write too:) So yesterday The Boy slept for over 4 hour for his nap! Can you believe that? I didn't know whether or not to wake him up or to jut leave him alone. He didn't sleep well the night before, so I just let him go for it. When he finally woke up I quickly made dinner and closed my Modbe party with the consultant and then we took off for our date night with our cousins.

It was so fun! We left The Boy with Grandma and Grandpa and we went to Disneyland. It was REALLY hot yesterday and so I think we kept dragging our feet to leave because we just weren't look forward to the excessive heat warning that had been issued for Anaheim that day. However, once we got there around 7pm, it was warm, but it didn't feel unbearable. We started off on The Tower of Terror. I love that ride! I left when you are floating and you think it's done and then it drops you again. My cousin was wearing a skirt and it kept trying to fly up over her head. Then we tried to go on California Screamin', but it was closed because of technical difficulties. Lame. So, we tried out the Orange Zinger? I think that it what it was called. You sit in this tiny swing and it spins you around and makes you want to barf. As long as I looked forward, I did ok. You know what is funny? My cousin and I both have the same irrational fear about rides like that. She said she always imagines that her swing is going to snap and she is going to go flying on the slits in the orange into the water. I said I'm afraid of things like that too.

Then it was on to Grizzly run. So fun! However, we had one of those weirdo Disneyland freaks that are the greatest living expert on everything Disneyland and they insist on talking nonstop to tell you all about the ride you are on. Weirdos. We all got totally soaked and it really nice because it cooled us off a little. It was almost time for California Adventure to close, so we hopped on Soarin' Over California really quick. I don't like that ride too much because it has a tendency to make me queasy, but I did ok this time. The funny thing is that our cousin asked if we could sit in the front row and and she was all like, "NO. You cannot sit in the front row. You can sit in the back row." It was very, militant and scary. So, we sat in the back row and everything smelled like pine. The orange groves, the ocean, everything was pine.

We made it out just as the Electrical Parade was going on and ran over to Buzz Lightyear. But the line was a 20 minute wait, so we Fast Passed it and tried to take the train around to New Orleans square to ride Splash Mountain. There was a big line to get to the train and we waited for a few minutes and then this lady starts pushing her way back through, being all snotty, saying, "They don't run the train through the fireworks." Rude. So we all start walking away and then the train shows up! LOL But that lady is already gone. Sucker. So we ride the train over and ride Splash Mountain. It's my favorite ride and it was the best ride of the night! Our cousins were in the front and we were right behind them. Our shear weight created a wall of water on the huge drop and it was like we went through a waterfall. We were all soaked. I was soaked to the core of my lined bra. Sick!

We ended the night at Buzz and Will got beat out by our cousins. It was such a fun night and I hope we can do it again before Will's pass expires. Oh! Check out the new book I'm reading! It is so cute!!!! It's a must read and the book I just finished - Pictures of Hollis Woods - was also excellent. It is a Young Adult fiction book, but the story is just excellent.


Mama said...

yes, the disneyland freak was pretty annoying. we had a fun time and we were so freezing when we got home due to the "wall-o-water". my clothes were see thru!! yikes!

XYZinn said...

UH HELLO!! I always thought "mormishmom" was Bonnie. How funny. I am glad I finally took a look at your blog. I am going to put it under my favorites!

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