Friday, September 07, 2007

Good Morning, America!

And wherever else you live:) However, I think that I only have American readers right now, but I could be wrong. Well, it's 7:33am and The Boy is still asleep! Can you believe that? Sweet! So I was sitting here not knowing what to do and I figured that I would blog. We've had a pretty uneventful week. I've been walking a few times, and we went to the park on Wednesday and mutual on Wednesday night. OH! Mutual was so fun this week. My secretary works for a very well-known clothing company and she got promo budget to take the YW to yogurt and a movie. What was cool about the movie was that they were running a promo where you could get 2 tickets, 2 popcorns, and 2 pops for $10. Awesome! So we saw Ratatouille and I had to take The Boy because Will is working late all this week. He was so good! He sat on his own chair and ate his own bag of popcorn and watched the movie. Around the last 1/2 hour he got a little restless, but I had to go to bathroom, so we took a little walk and when we got back he sat with me and finished out the movie. It was 10pm by the time I got him home and in bed, so it was a late night. I think that is why he slept until after 7am yesterday and is doing again today.

Last night we went to a baby shower for my good friend. She had her baby like 3 weeks ago and already looks awesome. So no fair! Well, it has nothing to do about fair. She's a exercise nut and she works really hard at it, but if I put that much time into my exercise I might have people saying - NO FAIR! I could only dream. Again, The Boy had to come with me because Will is working late and he was really good. By the end he was ready to go and was melting down a little because he got a wicked diaper rash from the 1/2 and orange he ate. I've always thought that he bad rashes had something to do with citrus and sure enough last night I confirmed my suspicions. So, no citrus for him until he is potty trained. It just does something to him. The funny thing about last night was that I was the big winner! I won 2 of the games and I also had my name pulled for the diaper raffle, but they decided not to give it to me because I had already won. Fine. I'm fine with it, I really am.

Today I am going to try to go to the beach and finish up The Boy's costume so that I can get mine started before my MIL leaves. I'm trying not to think too much about it because it makes me really sad that they are leaving in like 4 days. However, I told her that I'm not telling her goodbye when they leave for the MTC because they have to come back and pick up their 5-wheel and I can't say goodbye twice or I might die.


Mandy said...

Girl, I Had every intention of reading your blog tonight...all the entries I"ve missed over the last few weeks. But I'm too sad. I miss Cali. :(

KarenH said...

hi kyla ! got your comment :) my appt is at 230 pm so i might will post sometime that night :) no, i haven't gotten an email from marianne. tell her to send it to my work email address (you have it) but i'll e-mail you tomorrow morning and you can fwd it to her & she can reply or copy n paste my address. hope to see you guys in november

XYZinn said...

Ryley gets really bad diaper rashes when she eats mandarin oranges and red grapes!

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