Monday, August 27, 2007

Repentant Blogger

Ok, so I have been neglecting our little blog. I got reprimanded by my cousin last night and so I am here to give you a little teaser. I totally met Stephenie Meyer - the author of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse on Saturday night. My friend Daphne and I share a love for this book series and we had chatted via email during the week about possibly going to the Torrance Borders for the event. However, we weren't sure how great our chances were because priority was given to people that had purchased the book from that Borders. We both already owned the book and weren't too keen on buying another one. On Saturday Daphne called the Borders again and the employee told her that they were expecting 1400 people and there were no more wristbands left and we could just show up and see if we could get in. We were both a little disheartened, but decided to go anyway. We had to wait until The Boy went to sleep because Will had work to do and I could haul him with me. So, I got to Daphne's around 8:30 and we went straight to Borders. We pull up and it looks like any normal night at Borders. We park in the 2nd row of cars from the door and there just aren't 1400 people there. Granted, it did start at 7:00, but we figured there would still be at least a few hundred people still there since 1400 were expected. We walk in and we start thinking we are at the wrong location, but I noticed a tiny 8 1/2 x 11 poster saying the even is being held there that night. The store is huge and we just can't figure out where it could be, because we see no line or big congregation of people. Just then we see a "FLASH" from a camera in the back right corner and Daphne starts running and I follow. As we come around the book cases - there she is - Stephenie Meyer! There's probably 20 people milling around, including her publicity people and the Borders employees. However, she's sitting behind this roped off area and we aren't quite sure what to do. So, after standing there for a few minutes and no on is opening the rope, I tell Daphne to stay there and I go around the book display and discover this is the entrance to the book signing. I madly wave and shout to get Daphne's attention and she comes running over and we run to table. It was just in the nick of time because as soon as she signs our books, she does like 2 more, and then gets up and goes home. It was so awesome! Mostly because we didn't wait in any heinous line! We also got "I Love Edward" buttons and they are so sweet. Daphne took a picture of us, so I will post it as soon as she emails it to me.

Well, my teaser turned into the whole story. That's what you get when The Boy takes a 3 hours nap! Hallelujah! Last night our cousins were over and as they were getting ready to leave we tell The Boy and their little girl to hug. Well, they were off balance and went toppling backwards and The Boy smacks the side of his head - right about his right ear - on an end table. So we kept him up later to watch for a concussion and try to keep ice on it - yeah right:) This morning he slept in a little bit and I'm thrilled he's taking such a good nap. We went to Disneyland today with the same cousin, so I think that wore him out.

Wow - feast or famine on this blog, heh? I hope you enjoyed my little stories, cuz who knows when I'll post again! LOL


Mama said...

yeah!! i'm the cousin that made her blog!! ha ha!

Laura said...

love the story you lucky girl.

Daphne said...

Woohoo! I'm still talking about the SM signing. I can't believe how lucky we got. High five sista! And I'll send you the pic in the morning, just keep bugging me if I forget. Thanks again for coming with me.


Mama said...

need more posts!! it's tuesday. haven't had a post since yesterday. hurry up. you have to make up for neglecting last week!!

Mama said...

i'm so annoying!!

The Harry Herald said...

I'm so jealous that you met Stephenie Meyer! How fun is that!

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