Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Major Overhaul

Well, my cousin has convinced me that my blogs needs a major overhaul. I will hopefully be revamping the whole thing before Monday, so stand by to see all of the new changes here. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do, but we'll see how it all turns out. I really love my friend Laura's blog, so maybe she can give me some tips. My friend Daphne sent me the picture of us, but she is an anonymous blogger, so I will have to leave her out of the photo. Too bad - she's such a cute girl:) You know what? I don't to post a picture of just me - that's lame. So I'll post a picture of my cool button!
Today we stuck around the house and did some cleaning. I'm having a modest clothing boutique tomorrow night for the YW and some friends so we to get the house in order before they all come over. I would really like to go to the beach this week, so maybe we can squeeze it in on Thursday.

Guess what The Boy's new phrase is? "No Touch". It's so amazing to me how he is starting to put words together and it is so fun. He has such a cute little boy voice and I love listening to him talk. He also started exclaiming, "I found it!" When he is looking for something and finds it.

Oh! I have to tell you a funny story about him from Monday. We were in the parking garage at Disneyland and I was trying to merge in the with dominant stream of traffic to get to the parking portion of the structure. Of course people were being rude and they wouldn't let me in. So I got aggressive and pushed in, but this Cadillac was being such a jerk and was still trying to cram in to keep me out. So I shot him a dirty look and kept pushing in because he was still pulling in so close that I didn't think he would let me in. Then I shouted, "Do you want me to get out and kick your butt?" (my windows were up, so I doubt he could hear anything, but he could see me shouting) From the backseat The Boy exclaims, "No mommy, mommy, no." I almost died! So, no more shouting or threatening others! Poor baby!


Laura said...

I love the button pic, and can't wait for the revamp. Please girl you will come up with somthing cool, but thanks for the shout out. I had no idea that you were such an agressive driver, and WTG boy

Mama said...

i said "crap" the other day and my daughter repeated me. oops!! no more saying crap i guess. that stinks becuase it was my one "bad" word i said.

Laura said...

Love the new LOOK!!! GREAT JOB with it. It totally reflects you fun fam!!

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