Monday, July 16, 2007

Good Morning!

Fun at the wave Pool with AuntK and BabyD
Look out, a beached baby!
Well, life is good here and I've been really busy with company. My little sister and brother drove back with me from Utah and so we've been having fun together for the past few days. They are here until Wednesday and I will be sad when they leave. I wish someone would invent teleportation so that I could visit anyone in a drop of a hat. We've been to the beach, a waterpark, a movie on the beach and eaten out a few times. We still want to test drive cars, check out West Coast Choppers and maybe go to the beach one more time. Will has been working a lot, so he hasn't been able to hang with us. He did have the entire day off yesterday and it was a well-deserved little break for him. He had to be in super early today, but I can't remember exactly why.
Trip to BYU Bookstore

I SO need to get back into my exercise routine. I'm probably not walking today, but I am going to go to aerobics tomorrow. My poor body needs to be shaken up:) Most of my aches and pains from the infamous bike ride are just dull memories now, so I should be able to get back into the swing of things. This summer is just flying by! We are already 2 weeks into July. Before I know it, it will be December and The Boy will be turning 2!!! Ahhhh! Where does the time go? That's another thing I want invented - a time freezer:)

Miss Boston and The Boy

This week is the ward beach party and I will probably be going solo to that too. My inlaws are leaving town and Will most likely will have to work, so it'll just be The Boy and me. Well, I guess that means I'm not solo - I'm a duo. Hee, hee. I don't think there are any other major events on the calendar this week, but I'll try to write again. Oh! The Boy has learned the cutest thing. He loves me to sing Popcorn Popping and now he does the actions and sings the last word of each line. So I sing "I looked out the window and what did I see? Popcorn popping on the apricot . . ." and he sings "tree". However, it sounds more like "free", but it's very cute. He also does eyes and sweet. What a cutie pants!

Miss Boston and I at Auntie Em's Cafe


Laura said...

Go BYU!!! I love that he is sporting that gear!!! Kyla you look great!!! and like you are having a blast!

MirandaLea said...

Wow, sounds like you're having lots of fun! I'm jealous! My little sister lives 500 miles away, so as soon as you invent that teleporter, let me know. lol

Daphne said...

Aww, the Boy looks so adorable in his BYU hat. You're going to have many girls knocking on your door when he's older.

Ashby said...

Oh my goodness! Is that Heather??? How is she doing?! You guys both look great!

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