Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Will is the Cub Master for our ward,
and a couple of weeks ago they had their Pinewood Derby.
Flashbacks to long hours standing around in the gym
while endless cars raced over and over again flooded back.

Who knows if those are accurate memories.
I have three brothers, so I've been to plenty of Pinewood Derbies in my day.
They could all be running together :)

It was fun to get ready for this one.
Will built a car and helped The Boy make one too.

However, once The Boy found out that the prizes were
only for the Cub Scouts, he was a little disappointed
and refused to have his picture taken.

A few test runs.

The Pit Stop and The Girl showing off Daddy's car - ie hers.

Since The Boy refused to have his picture taken,
I snapped a few of The Girl enjoying the races.

He banished himself to the Pit Stop,
and put himself in charge :)
He did let me snap a picture, as long as I agreed he was in charge.
His car is the yellow and red one to his left.

Sweet Shot Day


Jaime said...

SWEET!! Gotta love these stubborn boys of ours. I was so disappointed that Jeremy missed the pinewood derby by a couple weeks, but I know we'll have many in our future. :)

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