Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Haircuts of The Boy and Plant Man Variety

So at preschool - right before we left for Idaho/Utah -
The Boy brought home a plant man.
He was hairless and the note promised hair would grow if we watered
and took care of our little plant man.

Well, we took off so suddenly, that I left poor Plant Man behind.
I didn't have high hopes for him,
but since Will was only gone for a week,
he came home and started taking care of our friend.

When we got home, he looked like this!!!

He was crazy out of control,
so since The Boy got a haircut
(given by me in the bathroom)
a few days earlier,
he wanted to give his Plant Man a haircut.

We busted out the scissors and here are the results.

And because he's five, no photo shoot is complete without a funny face picture.

Sweet Shot Day


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