Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adventures in {The Hives}: Me

So after the fiasco of the funky flu,
I got a mild case of it.
It culminated with these babies.

Yep, those are hives.
Just when I thought I was getting better,
and was busting out my dance moves playing Just Dance!
with the kids one evening, these little beauties showed up on my elbows.

I think they started on my head Wednesday during the day.
Wednesday evening when Will got home he said -
What happened to your elbows?
And it was all downhill from there.

Thursday morning I woke up believing I was almost healed.
Just a few itchies behind my ears.
But by Thursday afternoon they were covering my face and torso.

Thursday evening I was one giant hive.
I thought I was going to die.
No amount of oral or topical Benadryl was bringing me any relief.
I even had them on the palms of my hands.
So around 10pm I hopped in a {COLD} shower.
I {LOATHE} cold showers,
but I knew it would probably bring some relief.
I crawled into bed, down a final dose of Benadryl
and hoped the drugs were overtake me.

They did and when I awoke at 8am,
groggy and sluggish,
it appeared that the hives were receding.
I had them on my feet and behind my ears,
but most of them had disappeared.
By Saturday afternoon they were only a memory.

Was it stress?
Almond milk?
The flu?
Only the hives know and
I hope they don't come back anytime soon to let me know.


Mandy said...

Bummer! Girl, you just CANNOT catch a break these days. Hope the sickies are gone for GOOD from your house!

CreationsForEleanor said...

For two months in college (right when I met my husband) I had large hives that nobody could explain. Palms, forehead and arms. He used to call me spotted. It has been 10 years and still gone. Isn't it just weird?

Ali said...

My word, Kyla! You guys have had more than your fair share of medical issues lately- what is the deal?! I am SO sorry. I feel you on the hives. I have had them a few times in my life (of which I will NEVER forget, and have no idea why they came) and they are THE.WORST.THING.EVER. I could do without them ever again! I hope you do also!

*Brandi said...

Oh my goodness! You poor, poor lady! That looks awful! There's not much worse than being itchy, I tell you that. I'm glad that your hives have disappeared and I hope they never return!

Laura said...

oh gosh so sorry. You have had your fill of sickness at your house. Heres to hoping that you all stay healthy.

alison said...

oh, how horrible! my little guy broke out like that after the flu a couple of years ago. we'd never seen hives like that! hope they go away fast for you.

dancin' momma said...

That looks so painful! I'm glad you're better now!

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