Sunday, December 05, 2010

December Daily Album: Day Five

1. My little guy turned FIVE on the FIFTH!
We had FIVE pancakes for brunch :)

2. Isabella is sick, so Will stayed home while The Boy and I went to church.
I quietly slipped into Primary to listen to them sing Happy, Happy Birthday.
He beamed.

3. We had a fabulous birthday dinner with the A-team.
The Boy exclaimed, "Wow! You made all my favorite things!"
when he saw the food - fruit salad, hot dogs, puffy Cheetos, and Jello!

4. The kids and I put the lights and ornaments on the tree.
The Boy put the star on top while we sang - Star of wonder, star of light . . .


Hey Maughan said...

Oh happy birthday to the cutie. I wish he could be here to help Cairo celebrate this month. Can you believe how fast they are growing up? I also LOVE that your are documenting each day of December. What a perfect month to record in magical...and I can see you are making the most of it. :)

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