Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jacaranda Trees

I love them.
They're blooming all over the city.
I just happened to have my camera in the car,
so I got to snap some pictures
before they are gone.


Mckenna said...

They are so pretty!!!!!

Jaime said...

I love Jacarandas. The color is so awesome. David is a Jacaranda party pooper. He says they just make a mess, but I secretly hope we live in a house with one someday. ;)

Tasha said...

I cannot believe you saw Julie and didn't go say hi!?! I always notice that you comment on Julie (of Joy's Hope blog) too and smile. We are all friends and we don't even know it :) Just saying. I had to come comment when I saw that on Julie's blog just now. And Jacaranda's are beautiful. Messy, but oh so beautiful. We have agreat big one right out on a front lawn. Love it.

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