Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's All About the Food

We've been doing some fun food stuff around here.
On Monday morning we were watching cartoons
and an IHOP commercial came on.
The Boy turns to me and says - I need pancakes.
I laughed out loud because it was pretty hilarious.

So, we made some.
But not just any pancakes.
We made Mickey pancakes.
They're so much more fun to eat
when they're shaped like Mickey.

We also bought our first pineapple.
It was so yummy!
It was a pain to cut out the hard middle.
So I used my heart cookie cutter.
Pineapple never looked so cute.

My sister-in-law's niece
was having a dessert auction
to raise money for Girl's Camp.
She asked me to make some cupcakes.

Well, of course they had to be cute.
But I don't have mad skills like my cousin,
but I can do cute.
I came up with strawberry lemonade rainbows.
They looked yummy.
I hope they tasted yummy:)

Just a few random things:
  • The Girl is a sentence speaking nut
  1. I want candy. (I wan nandy.)
  2. Where The Boy go?
  3. Daddy's home!
  4. The Boy (mumbling) mine! (ie The Boy is taking my stuff!)
  • I'm pretty sure my dad healed my ankle/knee problem when we
    were visiting! Hooray! I'm going to start running again tomorrow.
  • And I am now rockin' a swagger wagon. This goes to all my
    mutha fathas!


Jaime said...

Oh, we love fresh pineapples, and the heart in the middle is very cute! P.S. I want my cupcake bows! My girl is almost grown out of her cupcake shirt!

amyminette said...

Cute cupcakes. And I love that video. It's hilarious.

dancin' momma said...

Those cupcakes look so cute and SO delicious! Congrats on the new ride!

Vivian said...

I loved the video! Reminds me of the mom my ride video.

Crystal said...

Those cupcakes look delish!

Petie said...

Yum! We do the Mickey pancakes too. Love the video.

Mckenna said...

ha ha love the cupcakes!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. The pancakes look perfect : ) And the cupcakes are sensational. Love that video. Funny stuff!

Mike said...

If i ask you to make me some cupcakes will you send them to me? :)
oh and i'm glad to hear your ankle/foot is doing better.

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