Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ladies Man

So, The Boy is quite the ladies man.

On Tuesday - when finishing a playdate with friend that is a girl - he gave a hug goodbye. Just like he does with all his friends and cousins. Then, they kissed. Hello? What the? The other mother and I quickly explained just hugs - no kissing.

As she walked away he shouted, "Don't forget to come back and marry me when I grow up?"

What the????

Today we were at another friend's house and there were quite a few girls there. In fact, besides the almost 2 year old boy - he was outnumbered 5 to one.

So the girls had princess dresses on, in honor of watching Snow White.

All of the sudden, one of the little girls is kissing The Boy and asking him to marry her.


Tonight we went to mutual and afterward The Boy was playing with the YW president's 8 year old daughter. She was being such a nice girl and indulging The Boy's crazy imagination and he was loving the attention.

As we were leaving and getting into the car he says, "Mom, I'm going to marry my beautiful new friend when I grow up. What is her name?"

Oh, mama, what is going on?


Mandy said...

I'm keeping him far, far away from my girls! LOL! j/k :) How funny that he loves so many little girls.

Jaime said...

HAHAHAHA, that's great.

Vauri said...

oh my gosh, must be the age, we are having the same thing with Owen. He and this girl from preschool are always hugging and saying they are gonna get married. Even the teacher sees it and uses the girl when she wants Owen to do something he doesn't want to. It drives me nuts!!! They are too young!!! I am so not ready for this!

Cory said...

same thing here with ahnika. she is all obsessed with marriage lately and meeting her "prince charming".
in Utah, Ryder asked for a kiss and she said "No, not until I get married!!" YAY!!!!!

Deb said...

so the fun has begun!! HAHAHA

Kenna said...

Looks like he has his daddy's charm!! ;)

Crystal said...

At least you know he's playing for the right team! Also, Daisy and I love the snow on your blog.

dancin' momma said...

Ha! you are in serious trouble in about ten years!!

Syd said...

Hilarious! I think I've told you before--better watch out, he's going to be a heartbreaker! :)

T-Fam said...

What a ladies man! :)

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