Monday, December 28, 2009

December Recap

Besides the other things I've already posted about, here's a recap of what we were up to this December.

We went to Disneyland with my parents & sister during their visit - including lunch at Club 33! (12/4)

After The Boy's birthday party we got a Christmas tree(12/5).

Isabella was especially excited!

We went to Lucille's for dinner that night and The Boy went a little Zoolander on us.

We decorated our Christmas tree(12/6).

We practiced riding our new scooter(12/8).

We ate a little dirt.We got mad at our brother and told everyone about it.

We visited Santa at the Association party.We begged someone to save us from Santa at the Association party.

We heard Santa was driving through the neighborhood accompanied by the cops, so we made crazy faces while we waited in the car for him to arrive. (12/10)

Then, we saw Santa again!We got matching "baker shirts" and had a fun photo shoot.We made bows at a bow party.We made gingerbread trains at Grandma's with our cousins(12/13).We fulfilled holiday Etsy orders(12/14).We got REALLY sick and tried Tom Yum soup from the Thai food place to make use feel better . . . . it works!(12/15)
We got a little bit of Fall in the "Winter".(12/16)
We made Christmas Tree cupcakes for our preschool class.
and snowman soup!

We had our first school Christmas party.(12/17)

We got 5 shots at our 4 year old appointment and we were promised a trip to Disneyland because we were so brave. (12/18)
We were blocked out at Disneyland.
So we went to Jumpin' Jammin' with Aunt H instead!

We took a tour of the Long Beach Harbor in Grandpa's boat to see the Christmas lights.

We went to our Ward Christmas party and saw Santa . . . again.(12/19)

We told him we were four (that's for you Mike!). We begged to be saved from Santa . . . again.

We sang with the Primary kids.

We wore our awesome Christmas clothes to church.(12/20)

We celebrated Christmas Eve with an A-team dinner at Grandma's house.(12/24)

We listened to Grandpa read A Cajun Night Before Christmas.
We got flashed in the eyes by Aunt H.


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