Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Outtakes of the Photo shoot

So I wanted to give you a play by play of how our photo shoot with Lumpy went most recently because it was pretty comical.

Sure, I'll pose for your picture. Here's my best smile.
What? You want more. I just gave you my best smile.

Listen. That's enough. Get this thing off of my head.

You're mean! I said I'm done.
I'm not smiling anymore and I'm not going to hold still.
Wahhhh! I'm in full protest now.

(By now I'm laughing hysterically and I can't even contain myself.)

Why are you laughing at me??? This is not funny!!!!

Oh, you only want one more photo. Okay.
You're pushing your luck, lady.
The funny and maybe semi-tortuous thing is that I chose the first picture I took for the photo I'll use for the month. I really am a mean mommy, but that "STOP LAUGHING AT ME" face still makes me giggle. Why are moms so cruel?

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Jaime said...

I totally do that! I usually choose the first photo too. haha

dancin' momma said...

Hahaha! She is absolutely adorable no matter what face she is making!

T-Fam said...

I love her outfit it is adorable.

T-Fam said...

By the way I love all of the bows you have on esty! The are super cute! You are so amazing and creative! :) Just thought you would like to know!

Syd said...

Okay, your commentating was just too funny. I wish we lived closer...your kids are getting so big!

Kenna said...

You are so funny! She's cute no matter what face it is!

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