Sunday, September 13, 2009

What I've been up to . . .

I decided this week I needed to get back into my crafting/sewing stuff. I have all these supplies and I've done nothing with them this summer. I was at such a break neck pace to pack lots of fun in during our summer vacation that I never touched my sewing machine or a piece of ribbon. However, I'M BACK BABY!

I've wanted one of these for about 6 months now, but I just never bought one. I just keep going to her store and coveting them. LOL So, today I decided to make one of my own.

It turned out bigger than I expected and it was really tough to sew all the layers together, so I learned some things. However, I think my model looks pretty cute modeling it.
I'm also going to tear the fabric instead of cutting it because I want the frayed look. I also worked on a new gift idea for a baby shower I have next weekend. I'll post pictures of it when it's finished. Ahh! It's good to be back in the groove.


Mike and Larissa said...

Bella is going to tip over or have strained neck muscles from holding that thing up. Love ya

Laura said...

YEs VERY cute model!! The bow just cute just a little big.

jenerekfamily said...

Hilarious! Would look great sewn to a tote or something.

Crystal said...

SO ADORABLE!!!! I LOVE IT! It's giganticly awesome!

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