Sunday, August 02, 2009

Vacation Photo Overload!

However, the place was just to beautiful and fabulous not to post a million pictures! I have a million more that my SILs both took, but I opted for these and I'll let them post more of them on their blogs.

We spent the last week in Lake Nacimiento with Will's family in honor of his Grandma's 80th birthday this year. It was SOOOOOOOO much fun. It has been our most successful family vacation yet. When we went to Mexico 4 years ago the water was FREEZING and no one wanted to get in the water. However, we still had fun. Two years ago we went to Lake Tahoe and camped and again I had TONS of fun, but the water was freezing, the boat broke down on the 2nd day, there were meat bees and BEARS at night. This year I can't think of anything bad. The weather was a little warm (try in the 100s) but the water temp was just right and the A/C in our cabin was awesome.

A view of the cabin from the beach
The lake
Our own private beach - see our boat tied up down there?
We got there on Monday evening and we were up for family dinner. We made Chili Billies (aka nacho cheese chips with chili) and all the kids were thrilled. Yum. That night we had the family devotional and we talked about the Family Proclamation and The Boy sang the first verse of My Eternal Family for everyone. The drive up was gorgeous and we took the 101. I was so excited to see Santa Barbara and do you know what? I slept through that part. Dang it.

The Boy and his cousin playing in the closet that would be his cousin's "room" for the week.
How cute are these boys?
We were up early because The Boy was just so excited for it to be a bright sunny day and get down to the lake. Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma Sweetie, and Uncle John were up too. So, they all fed the deer.

Chilling down at the beach
Look at all those kids!
This is what The Boy looked like the entire week. No skin cancer or drowning for us!
This morning I sprayed The Boy with sunscreen out on the deck and then told him to run around to dry off. My SIL snapped some fun pictures of his nekked/tanned body, but I'm not posting them :)

The Girl hopped in today for a little floating.
The Boy and I played chase in the water. He's not treading, I am.
Will, The Boy and I on the raft getting ready to tube around the lake.
The Birthday Girl - Grandma Sweetie!Crazy little boys
That just got crazier and crazier!

The Girl and her dad - he was sporting some pretty awesome hair all week.

The deer figured out when eating times were and they showed up like clockwork at breakfast and dinner to see what the kids were throwing.
These are my hilarious nephews. They were being crazy and showing off on the tube.
Then they caught some air.And they weren't so chill anymore. Yep, that's my oldest nephew flying from the tube.
The Girl found it quite hilarious!
So did The Boy.
That night we tried to take a family picture without a photographer. It worked out ok.
The Boy, Will and his brother went looking for animals.

Our last day on the lake. The girl did some sun bathing on the raft.

The boat ran out of gas today and so we had to hoof it up the giant stairs instead of our usual boat ride back to the dock with the awaiting car. I wish I had a picture of the stairs. Mamajamba! I think my BIL said it was like 180 vertical steps. I could be wrong. It was a good workout and a memorable end to a fabulous week.


T-Fam said...

Looks like fun! I want to go! ;) I love that picture of the girls laughing, it is adorable.

Vivian said...

Actually there were 209 steps! Heather and I counted and I can't believe I climbed up them almost every day.

Crystal said...

WOW! How fun! The kids look adorable and like they had a blast! I've asked you this a couple times, but do you need our new address so you can come visit us yet?

Theresa said...

Just learned how to comment. I am very happy with myself. Your trip looks way fun.

Syd said...

Your post was so fun to read-loved all your narration! Glad you guys had the best vacation ever!

Jaime said...

How awesome is it that you have no other random people in your vacation photos! Good times.

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