Thursday, August 20, 2009


TB: Girl, stop it! (in a loud, angry voice)

M: Please don't yell at your sister. She's just a baby.

TB: But she just came by me and ate my leg on purfuss! She did it on purfuss, mom.

M: She's a baby. Move away from her.

TB: She did it again! She ate my leg on purfuss!

(I look over and see that she is sucking on his knee)

M: Then move away from her.

TB: I can't! I just want to be by her.

** Oh, the dichotomy of it all **


Theresa said...

I just love it. Thanks for the quote and making my day JT!

Davis Family said...

that's just awesome.

Vivian said...

Pablo and I find that very funny! Thanks for the laugh.

Cory said...

so cute

T-Fam said...

Classic TB. That's why we like him.

Syd said...

How did you not die laughing during this conversation?!? Thanks for the cute story!

Crystal said...

I think the funniest part about having two is watching them interact. Franky has learned to scream really loud anytime he's being attacked/assaulted by Daisy - it's pretty entertaining.

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