Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Keek

So I really should be going to bed, but I promised Keek that I would blog, so I'm doing it! LOL

On Monday we took a trip to the Marble Slab at the Anaheim Gardenwalk to visit my friend - and owner - and get some tasty ice cream. It had been ages since I'd seen her and it was so great just to sit and visit with her. Love ya, chickee! After some tasty ice cream (they have THE BEST strawberry ice cream) we played in the fountain for a little bit so I could get come pictures.

::side note::
I missed the exit to the Gardenwalk because I was in the carpool lane, so we ended up getting off at Harbor - which is the same exit we take to get to Disneyland. The Boy exclaims, "This is the way to Disneyland!" LOL I had to convince him that ice cream is better than Disneyland when it is 90 degrees outside. He gave in pretty quickly.
::end side note::

He was also thrilled because my friend gave him a Cookie Man. He has slept with that little guy every night since. I'm going to have to get a picture for you.

He's talking to his Cookie Man.
The Girl chilled in her sweltering car seat. That minky sure is soft, but it doesn't breathe well.

On Tuesday we went swimming with our friends at their house. The Boy was in heaven and insisted on showing them how he can swim underwater without his floaties. It was so fun and it kept us cool. I took 6 pictures and this was the best one. Sad.

Today I frantically worked on getting my Shutterfly book all finished. My coupon expired tonight and I had 33 pages to size correctly and get uploaded for the book. Luckily I have an awesome PS Action that does all the hard work, but it is still time consuming.

The Boy and I did "school" while The Girl took her morning nap. Dang! I forgot to upload the pictures. We worked on the letters T and J and read books. We also did some letter sound chants - he loves doing that. I made a good attempt at digging myself out of my room and I found this in the closet. I forgot it was in there! The Girl is the perfect age for it now and had fun chillin' while I worked on the book.

Peek-a-boo (she was trying to find The Boy)

Tonight I took the girl to Mutual. We went down for a walk on the beach and then stopped for ice cream (none for me - I've sworn it off until Halloween) and a ride on the ferris wheel. I ended up having Will come and get me early (I rode with the YW president) because we walked like 15 blocks - which took us close to an hour) and it was already 8pm and The Girl was melting down. It was so fun and it was a nice night, so I was sad to have to cut out early. Luckily Will got to me just in time because The Girl cried the entire way home - unless I was singing The Princess Pat.
Just a little "snack" on the walk to the Fun Zone.

Tomorrow we are going to the beach with friends. I want to take my camera, but I'm scared. Should I do it? Hmmm . . .


Mandy said...

YES! Take your camera. Just leave it in the bag until you use it, and then put it back in the bag when you're not. I always take my camera and have never had a problem.

Vivian said...

I do the same thing with my camera. The only time I won't take it to the beach is when it is really windy and then I bring the other camera.

Crystal said...

She looks just like The Boy! But she looks more like your baby pictures than the boy did. Thank you so much for the post - what fun times you're having!

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