Monday, June 15, 2009

Waxing Melancholy

This morning after my jog/walk with friends I got on the computer to find some photos in my EHDs that I haven't been able to locate. They are pictures from Will's and my's (?) trip to Washington DC and NYC the summer before we moved to SoCal. I had been talking with a friend from church about NYC (she just went) at park day and it started me thinking about them. Well, last night I found the NYC pictures, but I can't find the DC pictures. I'm super sad. I'm not giving up, but I just don' t know where they have gone. Perhaps my friends the Waites and the Potters can send me some if they find them.

As I was searching through old photo folders I came across this photo from that same summer. I had trained and ran the Bix7 (it's called the Bix7 because it's a 7 mile race during the Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival) in Iowa with my dad and little brother. It made me sad. Sad for the days when I looked like this. Sad for the days when I had time to put the effort into looking like this. Sad for the days when I felt like this. ::sigh:: Then I remembered something my little sister had posted on her blog once when she was feeling quite the same way. Her friend told her:

  • Instead of cursing your tendency to accumulate extra pounds, I will thank you for the two perfect miracles you have given me.
  • Instead of bemoaning your lack of energy, I will thank you for your superhuman ability to overcome sleep deprivation, less-than-ideal nutrition, and lack of meaningful exercise, and just keep going.

So, I pulled myself out of my melancholy slump and decided it can be again. I just need to get serious and if that means workouts at 5:45am, then that's what it means. I can do it. I'm grateful for a body that has been able to give me to beautiful children, that I can workout, and that I can do pretty much anything I put my mind to. I can do it. Like Dori says, "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. La-ha-ha-HA!" :)


Jaime said...

You go girl! You have always been fabulous and I have always admired your ability to do anything you wanted to! And thanks for another picture of your hot papa! hahahahahaha

Crystal said...

You're awesome.

Mandy said...

You can totally do it again. Just think...I will be waking up with you at 5:15 every morning to go running. We're just 300 miles apart. :)

Isn't the body an amazing thing? I never realize it during my run, but afterwards - WOW!

The Harry Herald said...

Thanks for your post. I was just sitting here being depressed about how much weight I'm gaining this pregnancy, ugh! But, I have 3 (almost 4) beautiful kids to show for it!

Syd said...

Thanks for the inspiring words. How did you know I needed to hear them? Since school's over, I've started jogging with Kalei in the morning, and like Mandy said, after you're done, you feel like you can do ANYTHING!

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