Thursday, June 18, 2009

So Big!


Right before we went to Utah for my brother's wedding, she was learning to roll over. She had done from back to front and front to back at least once. However, then she left it alone for a few weeks and now she's doing it all the time. As soon as you lay her down on her back she flips herself over to her tummy. She does little baby push ups and has to be looking around to see what is going on.

She adore The Boy and loves when he takes time out of his busy play schedule to stop and talk with her. The other night he was sitting on the couch and she was laying on the floor looking straight at him and hollering to get his attention. He was clueless and I had to tell him his sister wanted to talk to him.

She still sleeps like a champ. There was a few days this month when she was getting up at 4:30 to eat and I debated about what to do. However, I just gave in and fed her and within 4 days she was back to sleeping from 9pm-8am. She's been going to bed earlier at night. Around 7:30ish she's tired and I get her ready for bed and she's asleep by around 8pm. It's so nice!

She is still only nursing, but is obsessed with food. She watches you intently and grabs at anything that comes remotely close to her. She doesn't have any teeth, so she was just fooling us all long with excessive drooling and gnawing things to tell. I'm grateful for no teeth because The Boy had like 5 teeth by now and it made some nursing sessions painful. She has taken a couple of bottles from others and she loves playing with sippy cups. I've promised her that we will try rice cereal this weekend and I think she's pretty stoked:)

Will made several comments in the past that she isn't as vocal as The Boy had been. Welp, that all changed over the past couple of weeks. She is talking up a storm and especially when she wants your attention. The missionaries were over for dinner on Tuesday night and she would yell at them and then throw herself backwards. She thought it was a great game to play.

She is very busy and alert she likes to see what is going on and she likes to be in the mix of things. I'm pretty sure I have another social butterfly on my hands because she just flourishes if she can get someone to give her attention. She's a joy and I have no complaints about this little lady.


Jaime said...

Sweet update. So fun.

T-Fam said...

She is so adorable! I can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

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