Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Up?

We've been lucky to have Will home the past few days, so I haven't been in a blogging mood. I've even been neglecting my Facebook page. Well, neglecting for me, that is. Let's see, what have we been up to? On Friday Will tried to find a part for our oven. Yes, it bit the dust again on Wednesday in the middle of me baking a cake for our dinner with the missionaries that night. So, instead of them getting a tasty Jell-O cake, bake ziti, and homemade breadsticks, they got Paia & Wingin' pizza from Extreme Pizza, salad and cinnamon rolls from Albertson's. LAME. However, they said they enjoyed the pizza because they rarely get it because people always make dinner for them.

So, while Will worked on finding a part for our oven so he could get it fixed up this weekend (which he never did find any place that stocked it and ended up having Sears order it for him), The Boy and I went to Chic-Fil-A with our friends and played and chatted. We love our lunch dates with the Davis clan. That evening we went to Costco and Lowe's. Will so kindly got an extension hose for our shower head so I can bathe little lady without shooting her straight in the face.

Saturday was truly an adventure. We headed to Wtown around 9:30 to hang out and visit. Will was going to help his dad with the boat and I was hoping to head to LB for some ribbon and to GG for some fabric. As we're coming up the freeway I notice the Amber Alert board is flashing that the exit we take is closed. So, we get off one exit early and cut through town. As we come up to the intersection right by his parents' house we notice it's blocked off and the police are diverting traffic. So, we cut through a parking lot and get to his parents' house, no problem.

I throw everyone out and head to LB so I can hit the ribbon store when it's 10% off for early birds. I'm at the ribbon store 30 minute tops and as I'm approaching the neighborhood - coming from the opposite direction from last time - I notice they have the street blocked off about 3 blocks from his parents' street. I start panicking. There is an office and DOT guy standing there and the officer is busy talking to someone and the DOT tells me no, I cannot go straight. I can turn left or right. So I turn left and try to figure out how I'm going to get to the house. But I know the streets don't go through and so I'm stuck. I flip back around and come back to the intersection and try to tell the DOT guy that I need to turn left. He tells me no - go straight or turn right. BLEH! I tell him I live down there and I need to get to my baby. He tells me to turn right, flip a Uey, and come back and talk to the officer.

So I do. I patiently wait in line to talk to the officer. I tell him I've left my kids with my mother-in-law on "B" street and that I need to get back because my baby needs to eat. He tells me that "B" street is too close to the action and that he just can't let me down there. I tell him I can get out and walk. He tells me it isn't safe to walk either. I tell him I nurse my baby and she needs me! He hems and haws for a little bit and says, "How old is your baby?" I tell him 4 months and he reluctantly agrees to let me go. Phew!

I get home and immediately Google to find out what's going on. That's when we find out that there is a robbery suspect hold up in a building near the intersection that is a stone's throw from where we're at. Later we find out he's holed up in the Jiffy Lube - which is SO close to the house.

This is what you can see if you stand at the end of the street.

Well, the guys escape to Home Depot and just cut through the same parking lot we came through to get there. They come and go without any problem. Around Noon I convince my SIL to go to the fabric store with me and we get out by cutting through the parking lot across the street too. By the time we get back, it's all cleared out. There is still a SWAT van in the Jiffy Lube parking lot, but the tape is down in the intersection and we can get home normally. I Google the stand off again and it turns out that once they get in there, there's no on inside. WAHAHAHAHA! What the heck?

We spend the rest of the afternoon at the house and head home around 4pm. When we get home we chill and eat some dinner. Later Will decides it would be fun to go swimming. So we get everyone ready and head over. I flippantly say, "Watch, the pool will be closed." Sure enough, it is. The Boy is SO disappointed. We promise we'll come again soon. It doesn't help that there are rule breakers in there that have hopped the fence. Not an option for us.

Sunday I went to Sacrament Meeting by myself because The Girl had been cranky the night before and Will was feeling sick. After I came home I tried to get The Girl to nap, but she fought me tooth and nail. So, I let her work it out. I went in every 5 minutes to give her the pluggy and calm her down, but I just didn't have it in my to fight her. It took about 20 minutes and she passed out for about an hour. That was it. ::SIGH:: So we all had lunch and played a little bit and then I sent The Boy to lay down while I fed The Girl. By the time I got in there to check on him, he'd pulled his blanket over his head and passed out. So, I made the dough for breadsticks while Will played with The Girl. I decided to try napping her again, so I wrapped her up tight and rocked in the rocking chair. She passed out in like 5 minutes. Much more enjoyable for both of us. Will also got a nap in.

After naps we went to Wtown again for my SIL's birthday. We had a fun evening just chilling and eating. However, about 45 minutes before we leave Will comes limping in from the yard. He had been playing with our oldest nephew when our nephew's shoe caught his toenail and yanked it up off of the nail bed. BLEH! I couldn't look. Toes freak me out. My MIL helps him get it cleaned up and we go on our merry way. Once we're home we bathe the kids and put them to bed. They both pass out without any fuss. Then Will's toe starts hurting like a you know what. So he endures the pain for a few hours. He's taken Advil, iced it, elevated it, but nothing is helping. I decide to go to Albertson's to get some epsom salt and he works on relieving the pressure. The soak seems to relieve some of the pain and he was able to fall asleep. Phew!

Now it's Monday morning and The Boy has woken us up early. Will got up first and turned the TV on for him and came back to bed and passed out. He shouted again about 20 minutes later, so I hop up so he doesn't wake The Girl up yet. She was really fussy yesterday up until she went to bed. She's not normally like that. She can usually eat and then be put on the floor to play. Yesterday she just fussed - even when someone was holding her. I'm thinking her phantom teeth might be bothering her. Today we're heading to Wtown again for a BBQ. Why did we move again? LOL


Mandy said...

CRAZY Jiffy Lube story. At least the officer made the right decision to let a nursing mom through!!

Tyler said...

I too was annoyed to hear that he was on the loose after all that! There was nothing in the Times yesterday so I looked it up. Would've thought it was worth a mention since the police from 3 cities were involved.

Jaime said...

Stupid people. And you should have seen me reading this post with my mouth dropped open cause it just kept getting better. Haha, the drama of it all! Yeah, why did you move? Come back!

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