Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, it really has been a very long time since I've given our little blog here a proper post, so today I'm going to make up for it in a BIG way.

Our adventures began on Thursday, May 7th. I spent the day cleaning, washing and packing for our big trip to Utah for Mike's wedding. After Baby T went home, I ran to the library to drop off books and decided to make one last attempt to find something to wear for the reception. I stopped off at Old Navy and found a cute top for less than $8, so I couldn't complain. The Girl had her fill for the day and fell asleep holding her dolly.
Will and I were up WAY too late on Thursday night and so when our alarms went off that morning at 2:30, we both slept right through them. We finally got out the door a little before 6am and both the kids were awake. The Girl stayed awake FOREVER. A little bit before Baker I had to move to the back seat so that I could keep her happy until we got to Las Vegas. She and The Boy stayed awake from The OC to Las Vegas. We stopped there for gas and breakfast.

The Girl fell asleep before we got out of Las Vegas and The Boy made us stop 2 times before we got to St. George so that he could go potty on the side of the road. We stopped in St. George because he REALLY had to go potty and it was a good thing, because he had to go "twosies" (as my niece says). The Girl stayed asleep until we got to Richfield, but The Boy maybe slept like a 1/2 hour because he had some kind of a nightmare and woke up screaming. He held Will's hand for like an hour and watched more movies. I've also come full circle, because he asked almost every 5 minutes "Are we there yet?" or "How much longer?" or "Is that Grandma's house over there?"

We stopped in Richfield for lunch and so I could feed The Girl. The trip from there was easy peasy Lemon squeezy and we coasted into Manti around 6:00. The Boy was so excited to see his Grandparents and Aunt K and he loved all the livestock we saw on the way into town. We hung out at the motel for a little while and then everyone went to the malt shop for some tasty food. That night we hung out in our room with my little sister and the Groom. It was fun to party together the night before his big day.

The Girl in good spirits during her first big road trip.
The morning of the wedding my dad came and got me at 7am and we went for a jog. The weather was great and it was fun to run through Manti. He'd already done his 5 miles, so he got an extra 2 miles in with me. However, I don't move very quickly, so I'm sure it was no big deal for him.

My littlest sister was kind enough to watch our kids so we could both attend the sealing. My cousin and his girlfriend were there too and they helped manage the little rugrats. Luckily The Girl fell asleep right before we went in and stayed asleep most of the time, so they just had crazy boy to manage.

There were TONS of weddings going on that day. We were standing in the hallways because the waiting room was full with people waiting for various weddings. While we're standing there this sickly looking guy comes out of one of the sealing rooms and looks like he's going to expire. Will and a family friend grab him and help him to the first aid room. Well, it turns out he's the groom! He was sick from fasting and nerves and he starts dry heaving. The sealer comes to find him and tells him he shouldn't fast on his wedding day. So they get him some juice and crackers and send him back to his big day. Can you imagine if you're the bride and your groom just gets up and sprints out of the room during the sealing? AHHHH!

Then, when we finally get to go the sealing, due to various delays and scheduling conflicts, we end up in a sealing room (the Tower Room) that hasn't been used in almost 15 years. Crazy, huh? It is called The Tower Room because it is literally the room that is at the top of the tower of the Manti Temple. The Sealer was a hoot. The thing I liked best was when he told a story about how the sealer who sealed his son had just met with President Hinckley before he went to the sealing. When the sealer said he was on his way to perform a sealing, President Hinckley said, "Make it stick." And the couple put that saying above the door in their home. I love it. Make it stick.

When we got out of the temple The Girl was awake and my little sister told me The Boy had behaved himself. I believe her, because she'll tell me how it is. I love that kid.

The Boy and my little brother (not the one getting married)

My cutie patootie waiting for Big Mike and Little Rissa to come out.
I turned around and my sis snapped this lovely photo.
Here they are!
Second kiss:)
The Boy finally got his hug from Little Rissa. When we told them she and Big Mike were married he said, "No! I wasn't there!" And as we pulled away from the temple he was very distressed and said, "I didn't get to play with Daisy at the temple." She had stayed the night with her Grandma B, so she wasn't there.So, this is love . . .

My Dad's parents with my little lady.
The Boy getting in on the photo action.
The newlyweds at the luncheon.
After the luncheon we headed to my parents' house to chill until the reception that night. The Boy was so excited to see his cousin Daisy and Baby Cranky. They are so darling!

The reception was gorgeous and we had lots of fun. The photographer got pictures of all the kids together, but I was lame and didn't get one. Hopefully, my bro will pass it along to me one day.

The Boys
Look at these cuties eyeing the cake.
My Dad and my oldest little bro and my cutie niece I met for the first time.
My darling SIL and my little bro.
She loves her tongue.
Look how darling my little sis looked? My other sister did her hair and she looked fabulous.
Pretty in pink
Still stalking the cake

Enjoying the first dance.On Monday we went up to visit Will's sister and her family. We also got to see Grandma Sweetie. It was a lot of fun and The Boy enjoyed playing with his cousins. After our visit we drove by the Draper temple. It is beautiful (what temple isn't?) and then we stalked out the crazy GINORMOUS houses.

This was was just crazy and it took me three pictures to get the entire thing in.On Wednesday we went for a walk on the park way and the weather was really nice.

Sadly, we had to leave on Thursday. This time we did get up on time and we drove and drove and drove. I got to sit in the front seat until we got the St. George and then I spent the rest of the time in the back seat keeping The Girl happy.
Don't I look thrilled?
The trip home took us a little longer because we stopped at the Outlets in Primm. We didn't find much, but we did get some clothes for The Boy and some housewares for our moms at Williams-Sonoma. I love that store. I got some cute pink spatulas. Look at my new favorite baby thing! My cutie SIL and little brother went to the JJ Cole outlet for me and picked this up. It's awesome!

We spent the night at my inlaws' house so the newlyweds could enjoy one more night on their honeymoon. We met them for dinner at Claim Jumper (YUM!) and then sent them on their way and we went back to Grandma's. The Boy was so happy to be there. He even got to sleep in Grandma's room.

On Friday we went back to our house around 11:00 to spend a little time with Big Mike and Little Rissa before they left. Later that day, The Boy decided to dress up for "the snow" and take his dog Bolt along.

On Saturday we went to the swap meet. LOVE that place! Will and I got some new sunglasses and The Boy got some tshirts and a mini ba-tar (guitar).

And I got this! I am so in like with it.This morning I got back from running around 7am and I found The Boy already up and in my bedroom watching cartoons. I did a double take when I saw his face.

What the? He has a black eye, but he didn't have one when he went to bed last night. It's a mystery. Will says he's doing Fight Club.

This picture is him telling me I'm a mean mommy because I kept telling him to sit still.



Mandy said...

Love the post, your kids are adorable, you look great, that house is huge (I've seen it before!), totally laughing about the Fight Club comment, and he's so funny for telling you that you are a mean mommy!!!

Mama said...

i think the entire "o" and "a" compound could live in that house!! Sheesh!

Crystal said...

Sweet post! I can't believe the boy's eye! That is insanity! I think it's the girl getting revenge or something :)

Lance and Kristi said...

How old is your SIL? She looks really young! She made a beautiful bride, thoug.

You are a mean mom for making him sit so long ;-)


Jaime said...

That was an epic journey. I know aren't the houses huge in that Draper neighborhood? We drove around picking out our favorites too!
P.S. Your bows turned out great, aren't you just the best! ;)

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