Sunday, April 05, 2009

Guess who's visiting me?

I'm the proud recipient of Flat Edward this week. He couldn't have come to a more welcoming home. Stay tuned for his adventures.

We spent the weekend cleaning the garage. Well, it's more like organizing. We got shelving and put them together and filtered out things that we want to sell at our neighborhood garage sale. It's looking pretty good. It's by no means finished, but it's coming along. The Boy loved playing down there while we worked. He had made his own little hideout behind the boxes and was squirreling away things he wanted to play with, but didn't want us to know that he had. When The Girl wasn't napping she was chillin' her portable swing.

We really enjoyed General Conference this weekend. We were able to watch all four sessions and it was so awesome. The Boy still didn't have much interest in watching it for very long and he's still a little young for the awesome General Conference packets that are floating around. However, in October we're going to get serious and have him try working on one. This time he kept getting excited when they mentioned the Holy Ghost. It's all from that fabulous lesson his super cool former Sunbeam teachers taught him. We've also been reading from the Book of Mormon Stories book at night before he goes to bed and he really enjoys. I thought he would get bored, but on nights that we don't do it because he's going to bed late or we're in a hurry, he's really sad. It just goes to show me that he's capable of a lot more than I think he is. Now, I need to get serious about FHE. Send me to your favorite sites, ok? I need some guidance and ideas.

I learned from General Conference that I need to be regular about my temple attendance and that I need to focus on my needs and not my wants. And who loved Elder Holland's talk? I did!


Mandy said...

FHE is extremely simple in our neck of the woods. We have one of those popular FHE boards, and everyone has an assignment. Usually the lesson is mine. :) I grab something from the Friend (they have FHE ideas at the back) or I pull out the GAK and tell a scripture story. Sometimes I base it on things we hear at church, or see the girls doing. Last week they REALLY struggled with being reverent, so that was our small lesson. FHE lasts 10-15 minutes for Maggie and 3 minutes for Ryleigh. Oh, the flannel board pieces are a great investment, if you don't have them!!

Jaime said...

We generally watch a Living Scriptures movie. I spent such a ridiculous amount of money on them that I want to use them whenever I can! The GAK is great too for the little ones because it gives them a visual to talk about. I'm a lazy person by nature, but I really want to claim those blessings promised to those that do FHE, so it's one thing I try to do consistently.

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